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Crotoy, pretty little port of the Somme Bay, an ideal stop for a tune full green: here you can enjoy the calm of the village, quiet and charming, while they spend their days in full air.

Management Somme Bay, which borders Crotoy, a natural protected area, beautiful seascapes, a host of birds (Marquenterre reserve of Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont), opportunities hiking, guided tours also (with naturalists from the House of the Bay) ...

In short, on the Picardy coast, Crotoy is a perfect base for a relaxing holiday by the sea, while the full nature: the country air and air the sea in one place!

Sleeping in Crotoy, at low prices: campsites

In Picardy, which is not part of France's most famous for its sunny climate, we do not always think of the camping option. Yet if you wish to travel on a budget, book a site and simply pitch a tent is the most economical solution!

The town of Crotoy and includes several different standings of campsites; in season, remember to book without waiting for the last moment, there is the world Somme. comfort level, opt for warm duvets in case of cooling temperatures, while a waterproof tent is always a good idea, just in case ...

Some campsites offer a high standard of comfort: bungalows or caravan, if you want solid walls !

How to book?

To help you find your way in all these addresses camping Cityzeum provides you with a complete list of addresses and contacts (email, phone number, website) camping sites Cortoy: no intermediaries, book, he n 'there is more to make your choice!

Camping Crotoy: Address Book

Camping Daisies
508 Rue Georges Doudoux 80550 Crotoy
dominique.zeppa@wanadoo.fr - http://campinglesmarguerite.free.fr - Phone: 0322278544
33 emplacements- 2 stars

Camping Gcu Crotoy
9 Rue De La Bassée 80550 Crotoy
lecrotoy8001@gcuf.fr - http://www.gcu.asso.fr - Phone: 0147639863
33 emplacements- 1 star

Camping Le Pre Fleuri
2 Rue Victor Pelletier 80550 Crotoy
christian.lechauguette@wanadoo.fr - - Telephone: 0322278726
45emplacements - 2 Stars < / p>

Camping La Cote Picarde
Road From Street 80550 Crotoy
info@campingbaiedesomme.com - http://www.campingbaiedesomme.com - Phone: 0322278031
50 emplacements- 2 stars

Camping De Mayocq Farm
7, rue de Mayocq 80550 Crotoy
contact@la-ferme-de-mayocq.com - http://www.holidaysbaiedesomme.com - Phone: 0607901784
58 emplacements- 2 stars

Camping Les Trois Sablières
1850 Rue De La Maye 80550 Crotoy
contact@camping-les-trois-sablieres.com - http://www.camping-les-trois-sablieres.com - Phone: 0322270133
97 emplacements- 4 star

Camping La Baie De Somme
6 Avenue Du Chateau D'Eau 80550 Crotoy
info@campingbaiedesomme.com - http://www.campingbaiedesomme.com - Phone: 0322278061
117 emplacements- 4 star

Camping Ridin
Lieu-Dit 80550 Mayocq dany.doudoux@orange.fr Crotoy
- http://www.campingleridin.com - Phone: 0322270322
160 emplacements- 4 star

Sas Camping La Prairie
2 Rue De Mayocq 80550 Crotoy
info@camping-laprairie.fr - http://www.camping-laprairie.fr - Phone: 0322270265
165 emplacements- 2 stars

Camping Tarteron
13 Route De Rue 80550 Le Crotoy
contact@letarteron.fr - http://www.letarteron.fr - Phone: 0322270675
275 emplacements- 3 stars