A campsite in Sérignan: our best addresses

Saint-Guilhem le Désert

At the junction between the Aude and Herault, a long barrier beach connects the two departments continuously from Narbonne-Plage to Cap d'Agde. It is here, in the heart of a highly tourist region, lies the resort of Sérignan.

Spa seems a bit simplistic, however: the Sérignan historic core is set back from the coast, inland, and retains the charm of a village in southern France. The town, whose territory includes a beautiful dune cord becomes clear seaside seafront: the long sandy beach, the calm waters of the Mediterranean, leisure, tourism, hotels, residences and campsites ... .

Sleep Sérignan at low prices

Because this is where one of the big strengths of Sérignan-Plage: the number of campsites. They therefore focus primarily on the seafront, it remains close to the beach ... a nice location for a vacation to sunbathe and enjoy the pleasures of the sea.

So, it is not difficult to spend the night cheaply in Sérignan, and this is one of the strengths of the station. A location and a tent to share, you will not find cheaper anywhere! For smaller budgets, the ideal solution.

But who says camping does not necessarily mean Spartan comfort: the Sérignan institutions appear to 4-5 stars, with many facilities, locations of caravans or bungalows for example, if you want to go upmarket comfort .

A budget accommodation, varied options, this adds to the mild Mediterranean climate, which greatly encourages the holidays 100% open!

How to book?

Good advice: do not wait for the campsites are sold out before booking! Cityzeum provides you with a complete list of addresses and contacts (email, phone number, website) of campsites e Sérignan : no intermediaries, book directly, there is more than done your choice!

Camps Sérignan Address Book

Le Clos De Ferrand
Path Clos De Ferrand 34410 Serignan ilm@cybernet.be
- http://www.leclosferrand-centrenaturiste.fr - Phone: 0467321430
90 emplacements- 4 star

Camping La Jasse
Rue Gourp Salat 34410 Serignan contact@campinglajasse.com
- http : //www.campinglajasse.com - Phone: 0467321336
95 emplacements- 3 stars

Aloha 2
Allee Des Dunes 34410 Serignan jacky.lautier@alohacamping.com
- http : //www.alohacamping.com - Phone: 0467397130
110 emplacements- 5 stars

Le Mas Des Lavandes
Route De Valras Plage 34410 Serignan info@lemasdeslavandes.fr
- http://www.lemasdslavandes.fr - Phone: 0467397588
132 emplacements- 3 stars

Camping Mayor
Camping La Maire 34410 Serignan richard.berge@wanadoo.fr
- http://www.camping.lamaire.fr - Phone: 0467397200
206 emplacements- 3 stars

Camping Le Clos Virgile
Sérignan-Plage 34410 Serignan contact@leclosvirgile.fr
- http : //www.leclosvirgile.com - Phone: 0467322064
299 emplacements- 4 star

Aloha 1
Allee Des Dunes 34410 Serignan info@alohacamping.com
- http: / /www.alohacamping.com - Phone: 0467397130
320 emplacements- 5 stars

Aircamp Beausejour Services
Beausejour Domaine 34410 Serignan info@camping-beausejour.com
- http://www.camping-beausejour.com - Phone: 0467395093
380 emplacements- 4 star

Camping Le Clos De La Grangette
Lieu Dit "" The Mayor "" BP23 34410 Sérignan leclosdelagrangette@sfr.fr
- http://www.camping-clos-delagrangette.com - Phone: 0620680252
26 emplacements- 3 stars

Occitan Ii
Path Of Quarrel 34410 Sérignan
gl.hsm@siblu.fr - - Telephone: 0467325820
90 emplacements- 4 star

Place - Says The Rompudes 34410 Sérignan camping.dulevant@free.fr
- http://www.campingdulevant.com - Phone: 0467320445
92 emplacements- 4 star

Camping Paradise
Route De Valras 34410 Sérignan
paradiscamping34@aol.com - http://www.camping-leparadis.com - Phone: 0467322403
128 emplacements- 4 star

Mas Des Lavandes
Route De Valras Plage 34410 Sérignan
info@masdeslavandes.fr - http : //www.lemasdeslavandes.fr - Phone: 0467397588
134 emplacements- 4 star

Occitania I
Path Of Quarrel 34410 Sérignan
gl.hsm@siblu.fr - - Telephone: 0467323386
153 locations - 4 Stars

Camping De Mer star
The Pagesse Lieu-Dit 34410 Sérignan info@campingetoiledemer.com
- http://www.campingetoiledemer.com - Phone: 0467774082
168 emplacements- 3 stars

Camping Navy
Route De La Grand Mayor 34410 Sérignan
campingbleumarine@yahoo.fr - http://www.campingbleumarine.fr - Phone: 0467321964
250 emplacements- 4 star

Sérignan Beach

Orpellière 34410 Sérignan info@leserignanplage.com - http: //www.leserignanplage.com - Phone: 0467323533
1466 emplacements- 5 stars