A campsite in Sarzeau in the Morbihan: our best addresses


Sarzeau, the name can be anything to you ... the municipality is indeed not the best known of Morbihan, yet Sarzeau still attracts many vacationers through a privileged position: its territory covers the Rhuys peninsula that closes the Gulf of Morbihan in its eastern part.

A lot of things to discover in the vicinity. The beautiful Port Navalo with walks along the coastal roads and the small beaches, the resort town of Arzon and its family atmosphere, the castle Suscinio, former home of the Dukes of Brittany, Vannes and its heritage or Senna and boats traditional.

Not forgetting of course, the Gulf of Morbihan, just one of the most beautiful regions of France.

Sleeping in Sarzeau, at low prices: campsites

Like many tourist towns of Morbihan, Sarzeau displays rather high price in terms of accommodation. The budget will sometimes struggle to make ends meet!

However, solution is available equally to those traveling to the economy as lovers of outdoor holidays: campgrounds. Sarzeau account number on its territory, various standings.

One thing is certain, the site remains the most economical option to spend holidays in Brittany: a place to pitch his tent, and voila! Ideal in full summer season, although we must not forget we are in Britain: once, remember to leave the sometimes chilly nights Sarzeau ...

Last tip: always book as early as possible, Morbihan attracts people for the holidays ...

How to book?

To help you find your way in all these addresses camping Cityzeum provides you with a complete list of addresses and contacts (email, phone number, website) of campsites Sarzeau: no intermediaries, book, he n 'there is more to make your choice!

Campsites in Sarzeau: Address Book

Camping Kersial Domain
10 Street Toul Ségal Sarzeau 56370 domaine.de.kersial@wanadoo.fr
- http://www.domainedekersial.com - Phone: 0297417559
77 emplacements- 3 stars

Camping Seagulls
54 Rue Du Rial Vraz 56370 Sarzeau
contact.lesmouettes@wanadoo.fr - http://lesmouettes-camping.com - Phone: 0297419050
86emplacements- 3 stars

Camping La Gree Penvins
8 Route De La Chapelle 56370 Sarzeau
raphael-capuccino@wanadoo.fr - http://www.campinglagreepenvins.com/fr/index.php - Phone: 0297673396
123 emplacements- 2 stars

Camping Lann Hoedic
Rue Jean De La Fontaine 56370 Sarzeau
contact@camping-lannhoedic.fr - http: //www..camping-lannhoedic.fr - Phone: 0297480173
128emplacements - 3 stars

Camping Les Genets
30 Rue St Jacques La Gree Sens 56370 Sarzeau
camping.les.genets@wanadoo.fr - http://www.camping-les-genets.com - Phone: 0297418722
143 - 3 stars

Camping An Trest
1 Chemin Du Trest 56370 Sarzeau
an.trest@franceloc.fr - - Telephone: 0297417960
225emplacements - 3 Stars

Camping Le Bohat ***
Route D 'Arzon 56370 Sarzeau
domainelebohat@orange.fr - http://www.domainelebohat.com - Phone: 0297417868
275 emplacements- 4 star

Camping Saint-Jacques
1 Rue Pratel Vihan 56370 Sarzeau
info@camping-stjacques.com - http://camping-stjacques.com - Phone: 0297417929
492emplacements - 2 stars