A campsite in Quiberon: our best addresses

Presqu'île de Quiberon

Quiberon is one of the most remarkable towns of Morbihan. The reason ? This situation quite atypical, at the end of the peninsula, which positions Quiberon as a hub in a region teeming sites to discover!

Quiberon, it takes full advantage of the sea: the beaches, the landscapes of the Wild Coast, the fishing port and seafood, market, historic canneries, sailing, kayaking and other water sports , sea excursions, with departures to the Breton islands of Belle Ile, Houat and Hoedic ...
Quiberon also has a large spa center, perfect for a relaxing and fitness.

Sleeping in Quiberon, at low prices: campsites

We can guess, not bad Quiberon attracts visitors, especially during the summer season, and especially since the town is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Brittany, Morbihan. Result, reservations start early, residences, vacation rentals, hotels, etc ... like hot cakes.

Prices, as everywhere in Britain, are therefore rather high. Solution to stay in Quiberon (as in Saint-Pierre Quiberon) with a small budget? Campsites! On the peninsula, not far from the sea and beaches, Quiberon seems a destination for holidays all found '' outdoor '' ... and the camping, it is fashionable!

A location for your tent, the ideal option for a stay; some campsites offer a high level of comfort also. Good advice: Always book as soon as possible ...

How to book?
To help you find your way in all these addresses camping Cityzeum provides you with a complete list of addresses and contacts (email, phone number, website) of campsites Quiberon no intermediary, book, there is more to make your choice !

Camps in Quiberon: Address Book

Camping Roch Reeds From
Rue De L'Aerodrome 56170 Quiberon
camping@lesjoncsduroch.com - http://www.lesjoncsduroch.com - Telephone: 0297502437 < br /> 159 emplacements- 3 stars

Camping Kerne
Street, Port Kerné budget@ville-quiberon.fr 56170 Quiberon
- http://www.ville-quiberon.fr - Phone: 0297302400
188 emplacements- 2 stars

Camping Beauséjour
Boulevard Du Parco 56170 Quiberon
info@campingbeausejour.com - http: / /www.campingbeausejour.com - Phone: 0297304493
192 emplacements- 2 stars

Camping Goviro
Boulevard Du Goviro campingdugoviro@ville-quiberon.fr 56170 Quiberon
- http://www.campingfrance.com - Phone: 0297302400
245 emplacements- 2 stars

Camping Conguel
Boulevard De La Teignouse 56170 Quiberon
congueldirection@hotmail.fr - http : //www.campingduconguel.com - Phone: 0297501911
250 emplacements- 4 star

Camping Le Bois D'Amour
87 Rue Saint-Clément 56170 Quiberon camping.boisdamour@flowercampings.com
- http://www.quiberon-camping.com - Phone: 0297501352
259 emplacements- 3 stars

Camping Domisilami
31 Rue De La Vierge 56170 Quiberon
camping@domisilami.com - http : //www.domisilami.com - Phone: 0297502252
350 emplacements- 3 stars