A campsite in Calvi: our best addresses

Week-end à Calvi

On the northwest coast of Corsica, Calvi is one of the top tourist destinations in Corsica. The citadel and the old town, set at the end of a rocky point, keep the big bay which is protected harbor and beaches ... the water is calm, clear as can be the '' Big Blue '' ...

Calvi do not lack charm, and this, many holidaymakers have experienced: with many tourist facilities, Calvi appears as one of the great Corsican hit with visitors year after year.

The discovery of the Upper Town and the citadel of Lower Town and its animation, scuba seaside activities and diving, Balagne also the surrounding area, in Calvi, all combine to justify the nickname of Corsica: the Island of Beauty !

Sleep Calvi at low prices

Touristic Success obliges, high prices generally in Calvi, especially during the summer. Corsica in any case, is not renowned as a destination cheap in all ... unless of course, to aim for economic solutions and there is no two towards the campsite

Calvi has good half-dozen camping, spread far away from the city, in the '' resort '' Calvi, generally at the beaches. A situation could be worse! A tent and a location, you will not find cheaper in Corsica ...

The site is a lodging increasingly in vogue: the bad reputation he dragged as pans seems to fade, and that's good! The benefits of camping are obvious: budget accommodation, a natural and friendly environment, the pleasure of outdoor life ...

And even more so in Calvi, where the mild Mediterranean climate is an invitation to spend time out!

How to book?

Cityzeum provides you with a complete list of addresses and contacts (email, phone number, website) of campsites Calvi : no intermediaries, book directly, there are more than make your choice! Tip: Do not wait for the last time in the summer, lest campsites not sold out ...

Camps Calvi Address Book

Camping La Clé Des Champs
Route De Calvi 20260 Pietramaggiore camagni2@wanadoo.fr
- http://www.calvi-cledeschamps.fr - Phone: 0495650086
35 emplacements- 2 stars

Route De Calvi 20260 Pietra Major contact.libeccio@vacances-ulvf.com
- http://www.vacances-ulvf.com - Phone: 0477566609
56 emplacements- 2 stars

The Beaver
Route De Calvi 20260 Pietramaggiore lescastors2@wanadoo.fr
- http : //www.camping-castors.fr - Phone: 0495651330
80 emplacements- 4 star

Camping Paduella
Wheel National 197 20260 Calvi
camping.paduella@wanadoo.fr - http : //www.campingpaduella.com - Phone: 0495650616
137 emplacements- 3 stars

Camping Bella Vista
Route De Calvi 20260 Pietramaggiore
campingbellavista@orange.fr - - Telephone: 0495651176
156 emplacements- 3 stars

Camping Pinewood
Route De La Pinède 20260 Calvi info@camping-calvi.com
- http://www.camping-calvi.com - Phone: 0495651780
262 emplacements- 4 star