A round-trip Paris-Marseille manual

On the Paris side, the City of Light to the world reputation, the major center of northern France. On the other, Marseille, the Mediterranean, southern metropolis of the Hexagon, eternal rival from the capital. Between the two ? A few hours of travel, and endless possibilities for excursions!

Whether you're in Paris or Marseille you live, one and one city offer an advantage in weight through a weekend or a short stay: the scenery! These two are not alike and sometimes do not, they remain closely interrelated as major cities in France.

This is the good news: Marseille and Paris are linked together, the possibilities are varied on transportation. Faster or cheaper, more or less green, passing reviewing options to make your journey from Paris to Marseille:

- The path of the air: there are links Air France every day from Orly or Roissy Charles de Gaulle. On paper, this is very short: 1:25 flight ... but in practice, the case turns out much longer: journey to / from the airport doubled, either side Marseille or Paris, whether waiting for luggage ... one more approach to travel 4-5 hours!

The price also makes a difference: it is obviously more expensive, at least to enjoy a nice offer. The carbon footprint is further catastrophic ...

- The road: several options again, reserved for those who have time before them. By car, it takes about 8 hours to rally from Marseilles Paris. 770km road, it leaves time for stopovers and varied landscapes while you cross France from north to south. Tolls more gasoline, it will be easily pulled to 100-150 €. Car pooling can be an interesting alternative in the budget.

- The rail: a priori, the simplest and most convenient solution. The cleaner also ... There are many train connections Paris-Marseilles, an hour. Allow about 3:15 ride in total, starting with Lyon train station in Paris and arrived in Saint-Charles railway station in Marseille city center. Perfect for a weekend!

This can put off with regular lines is the price: starting several, including family, adding quickly increases .

Note therefore another service SNCF, Ouigo: your return ticket Paris-Marseille , costs are seriously divided, with tickets priced from € 10, and a special price for children from 5 €. The calculation is quickly done ! Only restrictions: Wholesale prohibited luggage, boarding and mandatory 1/2 hours before departure. You can opt for a online booking Ouigo as soon as possible can enjoy the best rates. Note that the start in Paris is from Marne-la-Vallée (accessible by train), and arrival in Saint-Charles station in Marseille.

We just have to make your choice!