Find a rental on the French Riviera, in the Alpes-Maritimes

Alpes-Maritimes, French Riviera ... just the name brings us the mouth water at the thought of going on holiday in one of the most beautiful departments of France .. . one of the busiest as well!

And it's a bit the problem with the Alpes-Maritimes: Nice, Cannes, Menton ... All these seaside towns and other popular resorts of the Riviera attract many people, and said big crowds say prices which climb steeply ...! This is the case for accommodation, but a solution remains for a pleasant holiday on the Mediterranean coast: the rentals .

where to book a vacation rental in the Alpes-Maritimes?

To help you make a choice, the top 5 Alpes-Maritimes destinations where finding a rental

1. Nice Côte : beautiful carved landscapes, blue Mediterranean ... a beautiful area teeming with houses and luxury villas for rent. Ideal for fun! Another option for an apartment in the center of Nice .

2. Cannes and its region offers astronomical amount! From the beautiful villa overlooking the sea in small practical apartment downtown Cannes and its surrounding area is full of vacation rentals.

3. Alpes - Mercantour in the villages, you will find rustic houses, pretty houses for the summer, etc ... In winter, these are the stations which take precedence, Valberg, Isola 2000 equipped offering condos and cottages.

4. Antibes Juan-les-Pins choice, it quickly climbs into the high range side of Cap d'Antibes, more affordable homes in the apts Juan side and the beach, but all around are exploring to find the right deal.

5. Menton villas overlooking the Mediterranean, with Italy close to ... something to concoct an unforgettable !

A vacation rental in the Alpes-Maritimes: what benefits ?

The French Riviera is undoubtedly one of the most tourist region of France. There is the world, and especially in summer (in winter for ski resorts), when all we want our sunshine quota assured ... in the Alpes-Maritimes! Result: stay on the French Riviera back to a small fortune !

This is where the rental solution is needed. To stay a week, two weeks, a rental is usually more interesting financially, especially if traveling with others. An example of friends group, each sharing his share of the rent instead of paying a room full pot.

As a family, renting a house or apartment is needed. Children and parents have their rooms, space to organize family life independently, the rental of equipment allow other economies, starting with the restaurant budget: you can put the fournots.

But it is not only to save money. With a good base, you can explore the area at leisure, come back to the places that you liked, you linger longer and immerse yourself in the change of scenery bath, with meetings, discover local market products. .. one side home also very enjoyable.

On the French Riviera, rentals are numerous and sometimes standing highs: you want to pamper yourself, book a villa for holidays in love? This is a destination all chosen ...

Some tips for rent in Alpes-Maritimes

  • Research should begin early to dig up the rental you want. Reservations start early in the season, 6 months in advance, it is not too much.
  • The French Riviera is taken over in the summer. This is high season, prices rise, and reach their maximum. If you can stagger your travel dates, so take advantage of prices more attractive and possibly dig a rental excellent value.
  • Obviously, rent in Cannes during the festival falls a challenge.
  • absolutely sumptuous villas are for rent in the area. Of course, prices are very high. Justified by exceptional? You decide.

    How to book a rental in the Alpes-Maritimes?

    rent in the specialized sites are plentiful on the Internet. varied and numerous online quotes. Feel free to compare to find the rentals at the best value for money


    -Media Holidays:


    -PAP Holidays:

    You can also try your luck with classified ads:

    -The Bon Coin:

    If you have chosen your destination, go directly through the town tourist office (or commune community sometimes) or through their website or by phone. You can also expand with the sites of regional committees and departmental tourism ...