Find a hotel in Spain.


Accommodation and tourist seasons in Spain.

Accommodation in Spain is the country's image, diverse, you'll be spoiled for choice among different formulas; villas by the sea, studios in the city center, B & B and lodgings, hotels from 1 to 5 stars, official hostels or not, campgrounds, large resorts on the Costa del Sol or Costa Brava, hostels and residencias which are small, simple and cheap hotels, luxurious stay in paradores. A Spanish Paradores the specificity, these are luxury hotel establishments located in old castles, palaces and religious institutions. Some of them are of more recent construction, but they are all in common: a concern for quality and comfort and a careful and personalized service. In Spain, therefore, choose your accommodation according to the type of stay and vacation you want to go; rural tourism, beach tourism, city break, relaxing stay and wellbeing, gastrointestinal or luxury. Please note during the summer it is strongly advisable to book in advance and during the school holidays and bank and feria days, such as feria in Seville or Holy Week. If you wish to participate book your hotel well in advance. To book a hotel in Spain, the easiest way is via internet: the hotel booking sites are ideal for comparing offers and sort according to its budget. Additionally, specials are not rare, glancing regularly, it is common to come across a good deal. The hotel's description, details of benefits, conditions and customer reviews are a great help to get a better idea of ​​where you are going to settle down.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Spain.

The rates for hotels in Spain vary depending on tourist seasons: the prices given below are therefore orders only. -Not expensive: around 15-20 euros / night (dorm bed in a youth hostel or small pension). -Good market: 25 to 45 euros / night (single / double room in a hotel or hostel cheap). -Price means: 45-60 euros / night (for a double). -Comfortable: from 70 euros / night for a double room. -Top range: above 100 euros / night. As you can see sleep for cheap is possible, and sleep in a luxury establishment is not unreasonable. Before you leave take a little time to find your place on the internet, see the comments, the various services, the situation of the hotel. Look carefully you will find affordable hotels in the city center and in the tourist areas.

Which cities book a hotel in Spain.

The list of Spanish cities must to visit is long, it is unlikely that you can make the turn in one trip, you will surely return to Spain several times. The most popular cities for visitors; Seville, Cadiz, Malaga, Granada and Cordoba in Andalusia, Madrid of course, Barcelona and Bilbao in northern Spain. Each of its major cities is well endowed in terms of tourist accommodation; luxury hotels, family hotels, guest houses, rentals, youth hostels and campsites. There are also really cheap addresses, provided you do not be too straddling comfort: hostels, small Hostels, cheap pensions, etc ...

Some dream hotels in Spain.

Side luxury, you can count on the network of Paradores, this one includes hotel establishments of exception, located in old castles, palaces and religious institutions. Some of them are of more recent construction, but they are all in common: a concern for quality and comfort and a careful and personalized service. Their price varies between 100 and 300 euros per night, depending on season and the standard of parador. It is generally possible to simply eat in gourmet restaurants of these institutions. To find all the addresses of the Paradores, please visit the official website of Paradores: Side hotel's most famous luxury are: Barcelo La Bobadilla in Granada, Hotel Castillo Son Vida in Palma de Majorca, the Ritz Madrid, La Residencia in Deia (Majorca), Mandarin Oriental Barcelona in Barcelona.

Focus on hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Bilbao.

In Madrid, you can choose from a large number of hotels to the many and varied benefits. For budget accommodation options you can easily find a cheap Madrid hotel, an inn or a small single room. Search for hotels in the neighborhood of Huertas, Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor, if you want to be close to tourist attractions. In Seville, the accommodation range is very wide: Guest houses, apartments for rent, Hostels, youth hostels, pensions, etc, etc ... During the high season, which goes from June to September it is really advisable book your hotel in advance, as all the hotels in town are full, also book during the feria. In Seville, we recommend the following hotels: Hotel Baco (Plaza Ponce de Leon), very central, convenient to discover Seville. We should also mention the Veredal Real Hotel, (Urb. Brisas de Aljarafe). Charming hotel with a nice garden and a lovely small pool. If you have a small budget or you simply want to stay in a place that promotes intercultural encounters, choose a hostel. The official hostel in Seville is located 2 rue Isaac Peral. In Barcelona it is also highly advisable to book during the summer. Barcelona has a wide offer of hotels of various categories of Hostels, youth hostels, apartment rentals for ... Hotel prices tend to fluctuate depending on the tourists. In winter, you will have more chance of getting an affordable room. In Bilbao, the closer you get to the Guggenheim more hotel prices increases. The following hotels will offer a good value: The San Mames (Luis Briñas), bidders hotel good benefits for a reasonable price. Have less than 50 euros. Slightly more expensive, Barcelo Nervion (Paseo del Campo de Volantin) hotel on the banks of the Nervion, in the center of Bilbao in 10 minutes from the Guggenheim and 5 minutes from the old town, friendly welcome, very good food. The Artetxe (Carretera Enekuri-Artxanda), great hospitality, decent rooms, good bedding.

Sleep cheap in Spain hostels, youth hostels, campsites .

Solutions to sleep for cheap in Spain abound; hostels, youth hostels, campsites. For under $ 20 you can find you a dorm bed in a hostel or a small basic room in a boarding house. Some hostels are affiliated with the Hostelling International network, but many others are '' independent ''. No membership card is requested in independent hostels. Besides the traditional hotels and hostels, remember to also consider renting an apartment. Practice, you enjoy considerable autonomy during the stay and save Restaurant budget. A number of the apartment rental is definitely cheaper than the hotel.

What alternative to hotels in Spain?

As an alternative to hotels, why not consider a home exchange, see for example a site like, the French interface HomeExchange, an online exchange platform between houses especially for holidays in short and extended stay. The offer of accommodation is wide and varied; villa, apartment, apartment or house in the city, in the mountains, in the countryside or by the sea. And if there is the couch-surfing with the site reference. For those who might not know is a network that connects people offering a free bed or a sofa in their home with people looking for a bed or a sofa for a few days.