Find a hotel in Portugal.

Accommodation and tourist seasons in Portugal.

The hotels in Portugal are classified into several categories: pensão (pension), which is a cheap accommodation, albergaria: a small hotel, the residencial is a hotel without restaurant, which is the estalagem so chic inn and the pousada, very chic hotel. You'll find a bit of everything in a variety of price levels, you were looking for a comfortable hotel of good standing or a single bed in a dormitory for nothing. During the tourist season from June to October prices can increase dramatically. Making reservations is recommended. Overall the reception is the quality of accommodation is good all over Portugal.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Portugal.

Portugal is an affordable country, a dorm bed in a hostel does not cost more than 15 euros for one night. As a reference point, here is a range of prices for accommodation in Portugal. : -Not expensive: around 10-20 euros / night (mainly hostels, dormitory). -Good market: 25 to 40 euros / night (double room in the hostel and little star hotel, guesthouse). -Price average: 40 to 60 euros / night (2-3 stars, more or less well located for a double room). -Comfortable: 60 to 80 euros / night for a double room (eg 4-star hotel). -Top range: from 90-100 euros / night. A price range that seems reasonable. Certainly, the benefits and the overall quality of some 2-3 star may be inadequate, it is not high class, but at this price ... the Without ruining too much, it is possible to go in the top category. To book a hotel in Portugal, the easiest thing to go through the hotel online booking sites. Of these, many specials available, constituting as many bargains to be seized. Portugal's tourist office site is also proving an effective source of information, with addresses that are not found necessarily everywhere. Otherwise, there are also formulas for some tour operators offering package holidays (flight + hotel) at attractive prices and usually for the duration of a weekend.

Which cities book a hotel in Portugal.

The two largest cities of Portugal and most visited are the finest in the country, perhaps with Lisbon the capital slightly ahead and Porto that the heels ... after this also depends on the sensitivities of everyone, because these two cities have the pace. Also Porto is more human scale and found a more relaxing destination Lisbon. Then, it is more small towns or villages, medieval particular; many are in Portugal to have a beautiful heritage. These include the university city of Coimbra, Aveiro, a lovely harbor nicknamed the Venice of Portugal, Braga, Evora ....

Focus on hotels in Porto and Lisbon.

In Lisbon, the offer in terms of accommodation is vast, whether in the same city or across the region. You choose between the pension pensao the residencial or estalagem chic. Cheap hotels Lisbon consist mainly of youth hostels, official or not. There are many private AJ very good, a little more expensive than the official AJ in beautiful downtown apartments or houses. Lisbon is a nice city, with various districts have different atmospheres. The main tourist attractions are gathered in the historic center, Baixa and the side of the Alfama, Bairro Alto, and further, Belem. If the center of the capital is easily covered on foot, by public transport allow you to move easily from one point to another in the city. Porto attracts for its unparalleled scenery, a town on the hillside on the banks of the Douro. Porto is an opportunity for an exotic holiday with easy access, both in terms of travel time in terms of budget. Indeed Porto remains a very affordable destination, accommodation, which often represents a large part of the budget, can be described as cheap overall. Across the center and its outskirts, you find all kinds of hotels, pensions and hostels, surout around the Aliados Metro Station.

Sleep cheap in Portugal; hostels, youth hostels, campsites.

Sleep on the cheap does not pose a problem in Portugal's hosting solutions are varied: hostels, pensions, student residences, or even camping, it is easy to spend the night for less than 20 euros, sometimes even bring down the bill around 10 euros. -The hostels: hostels of fashion has taken particularly in Portugal, and this in the right way. A hostel is nothing but a hostel with dorm beds really cheap, but affordable double rooms. -The pensions and residencial: between small hotel and guesthouse, pensions and other residencial abound in Portugal. Less posh than the guest houses, more antiquated atmosphere also cheaper: it is quite possible to share a double room for 25 euros a night. -The university residences: a small room in cheap student residence, it is possible, some students for structures welcome you for less than 10 euros a night. -The campsites: they are numerous and of good quality, municipal campsites are well maintained and not too expensive. Most campsites are located near the coast, and quickly fill when spring arrives, especially on weekends, it is advisable to book.

What alternatives to hotels in Portugal.

There is a wide range of hotels in Portugal but nothing requires you to confine you to them. On the interesting alternatives are available, present in different categories of accommodation. As always, the earlier you book the better is to dig up the bargain. -The guest houses: in the guest house category, we select only hotel rooms oriented high-end, the focus is on the quality of reception and frame, worked decoration. Count 60 to 100 euros per night in a double room in the guest houses the most exclusive. -The pousadas: Portugal, pousadas are somewhat equivalent of the Spanish Paradores. So this hotel located in a unique setting, a mansion, a castle, a beautiful old house .. As a result, the pousadas are ranked in the upmarket accommodation category, but the service, benefits and decor neat are the expectations. -The apartment rentals: a solution that is not always think, but has several advantages. Rent an apartment in Portugal allows you to enjoy an unparalleled autonomy; the kitchen can prepare meals at will. Pricewise, quickly found there with an apartment, especially if you share with others (family, friends, etc ...).