Find a hotel in Venice


Accommodation and tourist seasons in Venice

Without doubt one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe, Venice remains a myth for visitors from around the world. In front of the beauties of Venice, it is not surprising that Serene enjoys such success ... but the intensive tourism has not only positive effects: the demand for tourist accommodation leads to a real escalation, making Venice a particularly expensive destination on housing. One thing to remember to prepare a stay in Venice: do not hesitate to go about it in advance, long in advance even for periods of intensive tourism, so as not to have to place most of its budget in a single hotel room 3 stars. Many hotels are present in the heart of Venice, hostels, small hotels 1-2 stars, luxury 5-star hotels, rental apartments, the choice is there, the highly variable value. It will therefore be not to book a room in a hurry, anywhere ... The question of the tourist season is of paramount importance with a destination like Venice. Prices thus tend to explode during the Carnival of Venice, a world-scale event, during which the extravagant costumes hardly equal that prices of hotel rooms! Book as soon as possible. Roughly speaking, the tourist traffic is highest between May and September, which is the high season. To do good business and see prices down to more acceptable levels, plan your stay in Venice out of season, from October to December, or in winter. Venice with fewer tourists, even if there is less sun, loses nothing in charm, quite the contrary!

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Venice

This is where the going gets tough. The Venetian hotel is expensive overall, and for the most prestigious institutions, we reached downright dizzying heights! To go cheaper, always the same solution hostels. But as soon as you leave the dorms, prices suffered a serious increase. For reference, here is the price range of accommodation in Venice: -Not expensive: 25 euros / night (bed hostel dormitory). -Good market: 40 to 60 euros / night (double room in little star hotel). -Price medium: 90-120 euros / night (2-3 stars, more or less well located for a double room). -Comfortable: from 150 euros / night for a double room (mostly 4 star hotels). -Top range: above 300 euros / night. These prices change depending on the tourists. Out of season it is possible to take advantage of lower prices and attractive discounts: this is the time to seize opportunities. For this, the easiest thing to go through the different booking sites for hotels displayed online. Do not hesitate to consult several to increase your chances of finding the best price available. Otherwise, many tour operators also offer all-inclusive stays in Venice: these formulas, which often includes the flight and accommodation, are offered at attractive prices, in relatively short periods, 3 or 4 days for example. In any case, it should carefully study the offers before choosing: some weaklings Venetian hotels offer benefits for poor value. Those wishing to lend a romantic interest to the remarks and old customers advice, practical help to the decision. Venice is a city full of sights, the more adventurous will spend little time in their room ... comfort, therefore, need not be extraordinary, and the low range of addresses in Venice will so nicely!

Alternatives to the hotel: rentals, B & Bs, guesthouses, boats

Many hotels take place in beautiful Venetian buildings, the most prestigious even having invested real palace ... however, sleep in the hotel is not the only solution available to stay in Venice. There are alternatives such as rental apartments, the bed and breakfast, guest houses, etc ... a framework and services that are changing, but in this category, prices are not really much lower than for hotels! -The apartment rentals: as in many major tourist cities, the apartment rental has quickly developed in Venice. Aparthotel, residence studio, private apartment, a rental of this type does not necessarily cost much more than a hotel, while providing total autonomy: you live Venice! An apartment is interesting for several days and shared with others (family, group of friends, family, etc ...); when we know the price of the restaurants in Venice, having a kitchen is a nice contrast to the budget! A solution should not be overlooked. -The Bed & Breakfast Venice has many guest houses. The level of benefits, comfort, decor, the more personal home tend to delight the most with the B & B. Good Venetian addresses do not disappoint at this level, but beware of the level difference from one address to another ... Regarding prices, difficult to differentiate with conventional hotels. For the most exclusive B & B, count several hundred euros per night. -The pensions: accommodation in family-run pensions in general practice rather close price of hotels in Venice ... no miracles from this side. -The boat: taxis, bus (vaporetto), ambulance or fire brigade, everyone travels by boat to Venice, so why not use a boat as a hotel also? Some ships offer rooms to reside directly on the waters of the lagoon!

Sleep cheap Venice hostels, religious accommodation, campsites .

No need to wait for a miracle in Venice, even the hostels and unclassified hotels charge prices that appear throughout high sum rather than ... '' sleep cheap '' in Venice, we seek here to sleep for as cheap as possible, whether in the heart of the Serenissima or in its vicinity. A brief overview of accommodation cheap Venice: -The hostels and hostels: there is only one youth hostel affiliated with the Hostelling International network throughout Venice. The latter offers the lowest price to sleep in dorm 25 euros a night, but still a little off-center on the island of Giudecca. Venice also has other private hostels which charge higher price, provided that the conditions of stay do not change: 45 euros per dorm bed, one wonders if we really want to put there the feet ... -The religious accommodation: homes, convents, institutes, Venice has a number of accommodation run by religious, which represent so many affordable opportunity to spend the night. Of course, do not expect a 4 star service (eg shared bathroom) ... but prices remain attractive for Venice. Unmarried couples are not always seen ... Do not expect to land unexpectedly, religious accommodation is to book a long time in advance to ensure a place (single, double, dorm room, etc ...). -The camping: it is no of course not pitch his tent in Piazza San Marco ... stay at the campsite in Venice impose a duty to offset (eg on the mainland side of the Lido ...) this can cause problems in the context of a short stay. Campsites back cheaper than hotels, but are not provided cheap. -The accommodation '' peripheral '': to see hotel prices return to more decent levels, you can also search the side of the surrounding cities of Venice Mestre, on the banks of the lagoon comes immediately ahead with resorts Cavallino and Lido di Jesolo. Venice is not far, but it is not Venice ... every time the charm takes a big hit!

What neighborhood sleep in Venice?

Venice belongs to the few cities in the world that has a real architectural harmony: if some parts are more popular than others, the decor remains exceptional even if you leave the main roads. Before choosing a hotel, remember that Venice, with its maze of streets and squares, is wider than what we believe ... we will have to walk! Similarly, the hotels on the islands of the lagoon may well charm, but keep in mind that the vaporetto is not given and responds to nighttime hours. With that in mind, here are some tips for where to book your hotel in Venice: -San Marco undoubtedly the heart of Venice, quite inevitable, but also crowded with tourists ... addresses that you reserve in advance! Around the Piazza San Marco, hotels abound. Not surprisingly, the prices are high; few luxury establishments are in the game. -Castello Cannaregio and two central areas that bring many hotels, apartments and B & B in Venice. Prices are in the Venetian standard, so it's not cheap, but the situation can easily discover Venice. The proximity of the Grand Canal can be useful in terms of transport. Good addresses are located away from major tourist arteries. -Gare Santa Lucia railway station of Venice, Santa Lucia, allows to land in the heart of the Serenissima, facing the Grand Canal. Daily overnight trains from Venice to France, sleep near the station then proves a good deal. Price level and quality, no surprises waiting. -The Ghetto: the northern part of Venice is renowned as one of the most quiet and unspoiled by tourists. A bit eccentric course, you will find here cheaper than hotels addresses the heart of the city. -The Giudecca island of Giudecca is less accessible but includes only hostel in Venice. -The Lido camping and many hotels - B & B next to the beach ... a situation that will suit those who stay longer in Venice. Book early in season. -Mestre industrial and not very interesting from a tourist point of view, Mestre nonetheless home to less expensive hotels in the center of Venice. Trains and buses run regularly from Mestre to Santa Lucia Station. One solution to consider for limited budgets.