Find a hotel in Strasbourg


Strasbourg and its hotels

Among the major French cities, Strasbourg certainly remains one of the most exotic, overlooking a picturesque region full of curiosities Alsace. Strasbourg also is taking a real European city, close to the border with Germany, but also housing the European Parliament. historic town with a remarkable heritage, Strasbourg is as much a business destination than a tourist destination. It is therefore not surprising that the Alsatian capital is well stocked level hotels. 5 Star, functional address or charming guest rooms, hostel and camping why not, these are not the solutions lacking for staying in Strasbourg. As always, your hotel reservation in advance is the best way to enjoy the most favorable price. Strasbourg receives many visitors throughout the year, with attendance peaks corresponding to the major events taking place in town. An example: the famous Christmas market in Strasbourg, which move many curious; prepare your weekend in advance in December, especially with the approach of 24!

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is not a particularly cheap city to find a hotel, say that in general prices are a good French average. Prices rise quickly once the research is a minimum of comfort, even if you want a central location in the historic districts of Strasbourg. The budget will have limited possibilities ... the other hand, will find something to have fun for a little weekend oriented charming, comfortable, romantic, etc ... To find it, here is a price range of hotels Strasbourg: -Not expensive: 25-30 euros / night (for a dorm bed ...). -Good market: around 40-50 euros / night (single / double room in cheap). -Price means: 60-90 euros / night (for a double). -Comfortable: over 90 euros / night for a double room. -Top range: above € 150 / night (4 and 5 star luxury). How to book your hotel? The simplest and most practical remains to go through the hotel booking sites, like Booking. These allow you to browse and easily compare offers, while customers opinions are a valuable source of information to get a clearer idea of ​​the quality of a hotel (tourist presentation of the texts are not always very objective !). The occasional specials are many bargains to be seized; please book in advance when cancellation is free, and regularly check the offers, in case ... Otherwise, note that the website of the Strasbourg Tourist Office brings together many venues in town but also in the vicinity. If you have a hotel in mind, you can also book directly with it (via its website, telephone ...).

The offer of lodging in Strasbourg

Strasbourg has a wide and varied accommodation offer, corresponding to strong demand. Thus, you will find hotels in every possible category, but also many alternatives if you fancy testing new modes of accommodation ... -Hotels 4 and 5 star for a stopover in Strasbourg as comfortable as possible, the city has a unique 5 star hotel. The 4 star is more represented: some high quality, conveniently located in a high price range of course. often oscillates between historic charm in the center and the modernity of addresses for a business clientele. -Hotels 2 and 3 star in the average price category, you'll be spoiled for choice. Very good spots, enjoying a beautiful location, but also more shabby hotels or offering benefits limits, there is a little of everything and the quality is variable, then better look twice before booking n ' anywhere. -No classified and 1 star cheap rooms in Strasbourg are rare. A small drop comfort level / performance is expected, although for the budget or stops a night. -Maisons guest: in the center of Strasbourg, or why not in the vicinity, for a greener environment, Strasbourg has a lot of guest houses / flats. The quality of the reception and breakfast make all the difference. While changing the setting often impersonal hotels. -Apartments furnished holiday residences: the apartments are popular and are increasingly popular with tourists. The convenience is obvious: you can enjoy a furnished accommodation, food to avoid eating outside ... always rent an apartment or stay in hotel residence is an excellent budget level operation if one shares many (families, groups of friends ...) so to consider .

Sleep cheap in Strasbourg

The budget will experience more difficulties to stay in a hotel in Strasbourg is affordable for them ... in fact, hotels, if not the most basic of them, should not enter into account in your search if you are traveling to the economy, unless enjoy an interesting discount. always take a look! Meanwhile, see which side look to sleep cheap in Strasbourg: Youth -L'auberge: there is a youth hostel '' official '' in Strasbourg, that is affiliated with Hostelling International (which offers certain guarantees, comfort, cleanliness, price ...), and the least that one can say is that it is not near the center! Cheap (from 20 euros in dormitory), but also eccentric ... -Small hotels: it is possible to move towards the center (eg the station area) targeting small low-end hotels, which offer single / double rooms at affordable prices ... Good for limited budgets and are not riding on the comfort. -The camping camping is present in western suburbs of Strasbourg, an eccentric position nonetheless. As always sleep outdoors in a tent is less expensive than to offer four solid walls ... an economical solution as long as the season is right.

What neighborhood sleep in Strasbourg?

A brief overview of the most delightful parts / practices / Wanted Strasbourg: -The Big Island: around the cathedral in the heart of downtown, the Big Island is the best area to stay in Strasbourg. Central, convenient, with many restaurants, places to go, tours, monuments ... and a typical Strasbourg frame! Of course, the cheapest addresses are not known to be in the vicinity ... -La Petite France preferred to any charm lover or romantic atmosphere ... Petite France, with its canals, remains one of the most engaging districts of Strasbourg. The rooms are not given but for fun, there is no hesitation. -The station area more practical than anything else, the proximity to the train station is welcome in the context of a short stay in order to lose as little time as possible on arrival and departure. Attention to value, not always optimal, but some affordable addresses exist in the neighborhood. -The European district and the Orangerie: a little away from the historical center, we find here many addresses for a business clientele ... good finds eventually the weekend. Note also furnished in residence, practical solution. -Krutenau: while staying within walking distance of the Big Island and Petite France Krutenau is a lively area popular with students from Strasbourg. Some good addresses.