Find a hotel in Rome


Accommodation and tourist seasons in Rome

Among the major European capitals, Rome remains one of the most attractive destinations and most culturally rich; his romantic side and 'dolce vita' in Italy are also turning heads ... but to reach this degree of well-being during their stay, be it a simple weekend or whole week, it is important to choose your Rome hotel. For if Italy is not always the panacea for quality accommodation, Rome is no exception to the rule. First observation: in all the hotels in the capital have high prices, do not leave a shoestring pocket to accommodate you. Excellent addresses exist of course, charming hotels or comfort, some B & B located and expertly decorated, rentals nice apartments, but the offer of Roman accommodation also includes a slew of 2-3 star hotels the value a bit doubtful that the benefits, charm and comfort do not always seem in line with the room rates. Therefore, better not choose to hurry and take time to find the correct address. Rome can be visited all year, but at certain times, in tourism is more important: in summer, for example, many tourists visit Rome, while the inhabitants deserted the capital to reach the coast. The summer season, holidays or festivals are all periods of '' advanced '' tourism, for which you will be well advised to book in advance, this is all still so a good idea for a city such as Rome < / p>

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Rome

In Rome, the bargains exist, the worse as well. For this reason, do not hesitate to take in advance to reserve a room, and take the time to search the hotel that suits you best. The overall supply is bloated: the Italian capital, very touristy, literally crammed with hotels of all kinds. As we have seen, the value is not always rosy, so it is important to keep in mind the prices of orders of Roman hotels in order to compare with the services offered: -Not expensive: 25-50 euros / night (mainly hostels and small hotels eccentric). -Good market: 50 to 75 euros / night (2 stars). -Price medium: 80-120 euros / night (2-3 stars, more or less well located). -Comfortable: around 120-170 euros / night -High range of more than 200 euros / night, it is easy to spend a fortune with major addresses in Rome. Italian hotels receive a star rating, as in France. Basically, it should lower the ranking by one notch to reach a French equivalent: a Roman 3 stars generally offers the services of a good 2 stars in France. Good to know not to be disappointed. The situation is not catastrophic: as long as it is not too straddling the comfort and decor (eg establishing a faded strand ...), the majority of Roman hotels are case . To book a hotel in Rome, conventional solutions are used: hotel booking sites are convenient to compare offers and sort according to its budget. The description of the hotel and the customer reviews are a great help to get a better idea; as long as it falls on good reduction, then there is more hesitation. Similarly, you can opt for the offers of all inclusive holidays in Rome, often weekends of 3 days including flight and hotel at bargain prices ...

Alternatives to the hotel: rentals of apartments, pensions and B & B in Rome

If Roman hotels appear in all a cheap and not always at the level, alternatives abound in the capital to be received otherwise. As always with Rome earlier you book the better is to dig up the bargain, be it an apartment for rent, a pension or a B & B: -The holiday apartments in Rome: a solution should not be overlooked, especially if you go to several (at least 2 people). Compared to a hotel, we found it quickly in price, whether or below. Many sites offer to rent apartments in Rome on the internet: The offers are available by the day or week and therefore apply to any stay. Conveniently located, an apartment provides comfort and unparalleled autonomy you have in your home the way you want, there are no meal times, and you can even cook to avoid eating out systematically ... your budget will thank you! -PENSIONS and B & B if pensions are increasingly rare in Rome, this is not the case of the B & B. Unlike an apartment you have the right to a minimum of services with a B & B, the first of them being the breakfast. The welcome and respect with the hosts take pride of place in the success of the stay; a more personal side in a hotel that attracts more and more people. Budget level, prices of a Roman B & B is close to those of the hotels, but bargains exist. To you to search the deals on the internet, I do not miss! -The religious convents and Accommodation: It is possible to stay in a convent in Rome (with the Holy See in the area, it might be expected), at prices affordable after all compared to the general offer. convents in places are in high demand, inflow of pilgrims and tourists oblige: do not hesitate to book well in advance.

Sleep cheap Rome hostels, youth hostels, campsites

At first, Rome is not really a destination for budget ... just like many European capitals, the cost of living is high in the 'eternal city', and d all the more when we stayed there as a tourist! However, all is not lost, even for those whose finances are ric-rac. They know anyway the solution: hostels! Even if we can not talk small price, a dorm bed will always cost much cheaper than a double room in a 2 star hotel. In spring and during the summer season, limited budgets may even turn to campsites that they too fall into the category '' cheap ''. -The hostel: there is only one youth hostel affiliated with Hostelling International (HI) in Rome, or more precisely in these surroundings. The latter is located a few kilometers east of the capital, in the green area of ​​Zagoralo. An eccentric situation that does not do the trick short stays. To reach Rome, towards Termini Station by train (half an hour) or bus. From 20 euros per night in a dormitory. -The private hostels: for once, the hostels are numerous in Rome. The fact that they are not affiliated to HI is not a nuisance per se, but it means they are not held to any standard ... So, the quality of services does not always follow! Some addresses are correct, however, on condition of not being too picky about comfort. Count on average 25 euros a night in a dormitory in the Roman hostels. This is not really given, but they are the least expensive hosting solution while enjoying a good situation in the capital. Needless to say, the hostels have no trouble doing the full, especially during the season: avoid landing at the last minute and book to ensure a place. -The camping: a valid solution if you have a little time before you, as the Roman campsites are off on the outskirts of the city. Besides the Campsites with bungalows showing 4 stars on the clock, the cheapest rates for a location 2 persons with tent around 25 euros.

What neighborhood in Rome?

We toured the lodging solutions in Rome, it remains to determine which area of ​​the capital you want to sleep. Leaving aside the periphery and concentrate on the central areas: tourism Rome is not so extensive as this, with a good situation, most trips can be done on foot and if necessary using the bus subways. Small neighborhood typology to stay in Rome: -The historic center: Piazza Navona to the Trevi Fountain through the area of ​​the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, the situation is ideal safe. Staying in the historic center, the move will be mainly on foot, and you enjoy the unique setting of Rome by day and night. historic sites, museums and restaurants are within reach. The downside: hotels and apartments display rates rather high ... -via del Corso - Piazza di Spagna in the city center, with chic boutiques, restaurants, major sights of Rome easily accessible ... Restricted to large budgets. -Villa Borghese around the large Roman park, lovers of high-end luxury hotels will certainly like. -Vatican: many hotels are located around the Vatican. The historic center is accessible by foot, but the neighborhood is not the liveliest of Rome. Prices are in the average Roman (rather expensive so). -Trastevere: an eccentric hair on the right bank of the Tiber, Trastevere is none the less one of the friendliest of all the capital. Some monuments, a lively market streets where pleasant trattoria succeed, bars to prolong the evenings. Affordable addresses also. -Gare Termini: a convenient location as Termini station is connected to the airport and serves as the terminus for many bus lines. The neighborhood is nothing charming well, but the historic center is accessible on foot; it is also here that we find the cheapest addresses.