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Découverte de Porto

Accommodation and tourist seasons in Porto

Second among Portuguese cities, Oporto is as much on the rise as its rival, Lisbon. In the Douro region, a few kilometers of the north coast of Portugal, Porto attracts for its unparalleled scenery, a town on the hillside, on the banks of the meandering river, its architecture, its atmosphere and its local products and gastronomic course wine: not returning Porto loaded with at least one bottle of its famous wine, port? More prosaically, Porto also represents an opportunity for an exotic holiday and easy to access, both in terms of travel time in terms of budget. Despite its success, Puerto remains a very affordable destination: the city is served by many low cost flights, the cost of living in Portugal is affordable for a French tourist, while the accommodation, which often represents a large part of the budget , can be described as cheap overall! In Porto, the solutions to fit abound: hotels roughly starred, pousadas, residencial and cheap hostels, guest houses, apartments, there is a bit of everything in a variety of price levels, you were looking for a comfortable of good standing or a single bed in a dormitory for nothing. Here as elsewhere, it is always best to book in advance an accommodation, to ensure greater choice and better rates. Porto attracts tourists in the spring: for a weekend getaway for example, the city already has a mild and sunny climate. Mistrust therefore, for peak periods: from Easter holidays and during the summer, but still far from the frenzy of prices experienced major tourist destinations such as London or Venice ... In winter, thanks its oceanic climate, Porto still tinged with gentleness, with more rain: the low season, which logically corresponds to smaller price.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Porto

As we have said, Porto is a city affordable for all budgets, from the backpacker to more comfortable. A dorm bed in a hostel does not cost more than 15 euros for one night, while you spend hundred of euros in a few 5 star hotels in the city. As a reference point, here is a range of prices for accommodation in Porto: -Not expensive: around 10-20 euros / night (mainly hostels, dormitory). -Good market: 25 to 40 euros / night (double room in the hostel and little star hotel, guesthouse). -Price average: 40 to 60 euros / night (2-3 stars, more or less well located for a double room). -Comfortable: 60 to 80 euros / night for a double room (eg 4-star hotel). -Top range: from 90-100 euros / night. A price range that seems reasonable. Certainly, the benefits and the overall quality of some 2-3 star may be inadequate, it is not high class, but at this price ... the best places of this kind also exist. Without ruining too much, it is possible to go in the top category, while Porto hostels have gained an excellent reputation with travelers: the quality-price is very good for many cheap accommodations. To book a hotel in Porto, the easiest thing to go through the hotel online booking sites. Of these, many specials available, constituting as many bargains to be seized. Porto tourist office website is also proving an effective source of information, with addresses that are not found necessarily everywhere. Otherwise, there are also formulas for some tour operators offering package holidays (flight + hotel) in Porto, at attractive prices, and usually for the duration of a weekend.

Alternatives to the hotel: posadas, guest houses and holiday apartments in Porto

There is a wide range of hotels in Porto, but you are not obliged to confine you to them to stay in town. On the interesting alternatives are available, present in different categories of accommodation. As always, the earlier you book the better is to dig up the bargain. -The pousadas: Portugal, pousadas are somewhat equivalent of the Spanish Paradores. So this hotel located in a unique setting, a mansion, a castle, a beautiful old house, in short, a remarkable historic setting. Therefore, the pousadas are ranked in the upmarket accommodation category, but the service, benefits and neat decor are the expectations. There is a pousada in Porto, Freixo Palace Hotel. -The guest houses: in the guest house category, we select only hotel rooms oriented high-end, and there are some in Porto. In beautiful buildings in the center, the focus is on the quality of reception and frame, worked in support decoration. Count 60 to 100 euros per night in a double room in the guest houses the most exclusive of the city. -The apartment rentals: a solution that is not always think, but has several advantages. Rent an apartment in Porto allows you to enjoy an unparalleled autonomy; the kitchen can prepare meals at will, from the market products such ... Pricewise, quickly found there with an apartment, especially if you share with others (family, friends, etc ...) with equal comfort, it does not cost more than the hotel. The offer of apartments in rent is diverse and varied in Porto: small studio in a cheap aparthotel, furnished in deco design, historic apartment in the center ... the budget required varies accordingly.

Sleep cheap Porto hostels, guest houses, dormitories

Good news budget do quite well to dig affordable accommodation in Porto. Sleep cheap therefore not a problem, and the solutions are varied: the hostels, pensions, student residences, or even camping, it is easy to spend the night for less than 20 euros in Porto, sometimes even lowering the bill around 10 euros! -The hostels: hostels of fashion has taken particularly in Portugal, and this in the right way. Porto is no exception to the rule and having many such institutions. A hostel is simply a hostel: really cheap dorm beds, but also affordable doubles up most of that offer these hostels. And if prices are particularly attractive, it does not mean you need to sacrifice comfort and services: several hostels Porto offer lively atmospheres an emphasis on trendy decor, a warm spirit, clean and accessible facilities. Why not use it? -The pensions and residencial: between small hotel and guesthouse, pensions and other residencial abound in Porto. Less posh than the guest houses, more antiquated atmosphere also cheaper: it is quite possible to share a double room for 25 euros a night. At that price, difficult to find fault comfort level. Convenient for small groups, triple and quadruple. -The university residences: a small room in cheap student residence, it is possible to Porto. Some structures for students welcome you for less than 10 euros a night. For very tight budget so. -The campsites: the most economical solution, but camping is also assumed to be offset relative to Porto because land are located around the city. To consider for long stays, but for a single weekend, the price difference does not justify far away from the center.

What neighborhood sleep in Porto?

Porto, Portugal's second city, was not an urban monster, especially if it is confined to neighborhoods with a tourist interest. The great '' unavoidable '' of the city are concentrated around the center and the banks of the Douro. The trips are easily thanks to public transport, while a small sitting walk often enough to move from one point to another. Across the center and its outskirts, you find all kinds of hotels, pensions and hostels. Several neighborhoods therefore offer a significant framework and an interesting situation ... here are some tips for where to book your hotel: -Center history: the center of Porto, a very convenient location for exploring the city. Historic Sites, tours, transport, shops and restaurants and places to go, everything is in walking range. Around the Aliados metro station, a wide choice of accommodation, comfort-oriented hotels, cheap pensions, hostels and guest houses of charm ... all tastes and all budgets! -The Ribeira: one remains in the historical center, approaching the bank of the Douro. Undoubtedly, the Ribeira is one of the most important areas of Porto, emblematic of the city. If you are looking for a framework to share and charm to your stay, it is here that it happens. gest hotels houses luxury are present in the Ribeira. -Santa Catarina Rua de Santa Catarina is the main artery of downtown Oporto. Shops, restaurants, entertainment around the street is palpable. The area is very well located for the main attractions of the city. Right on Santa Catarina or in the adjacent streets, all budgets should find their happiness because the offer of accommodation is varied. -Gare Sao Bento: good location in the center of Porto, practices with respect to the proximity to the train station, the district hotels also have the advantage of being cheap. The downside, Sao Bento railway station is not the neighborhood best attended of the city, especially at night. -Boavista: west of the historic center, a little eccentric, Boavista is a business district with hotels easily take modern look. Several functional institutions and many starred in default character, are in the area.