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Hotels and tourist seasons in Nice

Nice remains an amazing destination. Great active, dynamic and modern city, Nice also takes advantage of its unparalleled location on the French Riviera, with all that that implies: the largesse of the Mediterranean climate, drenched landscapes of sun, sea, beach ... add to that a quality cultural life and lively nights for diaper later, and Nice is a destination all found to spend a weekend at the seaside or even prolong the holiday for lovers. Therefore, we must think to find accommodation ... attractive city, Nice receives many visitors, tourists as a significant business clientele, which explains its hosting offers very developed. From the hostel to five star luxury through the guest houses or tourist homes, you will be spoiled for choice. However, it is better not wait for the last moment to book your Nice hotel. Strong demand, the first fine days or for the weekend, that the rooms are going fast, and those who remain free fetch high prices ... Take the time to search for your hotel some time in advance, in order to the odds on your side to enjoy the best prices: this advice applies particularly to high tourist season periods, the summer school holidays, but the month of February, when the Nice Carnival attracts many curious. ..

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Nice

Like most cities and popular holiday resorts of the French Riviera, we must admit that the prices are high ... Nice is not always easy to stay in cheap since we seek a minimum level of comfort. The budget will have limited possibilities ... the other hand, will find something to have fun for a little weekend comfort, luxury, romantic, charming, no matter the topic ... To find it, let us make a range of prices Nice hotels: -Not expensive: 20-30 euros / night (for a dorm bed ... not given so!). -Good market: around 50 euros / night (single / double room in cheap). -Price means: 70-90 euros / night (for a double). -Comfortable: over 100 euros / night for a double room. -Top range: above 200 euros / night for a five star (at the very least!). Sleeping affordable is possible, but will offer a minimum of comfort quickly asked to pay a substantial sum. Thus, many institutions well placed 2 stars do not hesitate to appear in average prices: some of these places are worth, others much less, it is having flair when making his choice... And to make this choice, go through hotel booking sites (type Booking) seems the best solution: allow them to browse and easily compare offers, while customers opinions are a valuable source of information for get a clearer idea of ​​the quality of a hotel (tourist presentation of the texts are not always very objective!). The occasional specials are many bargains to be seized; please book in advance when cancellation is free, and regularly check the offers, in case ... Otherwise, visit the website of the Nice Tourist Office (Service online booking) or directly on hotel websites.

The offer of accommodation in Nice

It's time to go into more detail on what Nice offers about hotels, but not only. The city has alternatives to traditional institutions, why indulge in the charm of a guest room or the autonomy of an apartment rental? -5 stars Nice, the chic of the French Riviera, and enjoy all the pleasures of the Riviera, nothing better than a beautiful 5-star! The city has three renowned hotels, where you are assured of a luxury service to match your aspirations. -4 stars: you have to pay the price to sleep in a 4 star in Nice. well represented class hotels, we make sure the other hand a comfortable stay in town ... rooms with sea views along the Promenade des Anglais snapped at very high prices! -2 and 3 stars: many mid-range hotels in Nice, in the center, close to the beach, or more on the outskirts ... an eccentric position generally corresponds to lower prices. Some bargains but beware, the level of benefits varies from one address to another. -No classified and 1 star is entered in the category of cheap rooms, but '' cheap '' is used here Niçoise sauce. If the rooms are cheaper, comfort and amenities they too suffer from the price drop. -Maisons guest Nice account number of guesthouses in the center but also in the immediate vicinity of the city. The quality of the welcome, the atmosphere and the breakfast make the difference. While changing the setting often impersonal hotels. -Apartments furnished holiday residences: a solution that is not always think, and yet, rent an apartment provides full autonomy thanks to the equipment (eg cooking relieves you of some additions to the restaurant!), And we feels nice to live for a few days! An interesting solution financially if we share with others (family, friends ...) some tourist residences offer really good prices.

Sleep cheap in Nice

Let us get now with a problem a little more difficult with Nice: find accommodation on a budget ... not easy, in fact, when we know that a bed youth hostel dormitory cost up to 30 euros for one night! In any case, always remember to book your accommodation a time in advance to enjoy the best prices: this applies particularly to the cheap places, including places are rare and going fast. Arriving unexpectedly in Nice in season is the assurance of a hotel bill as salty as the Mediterranean ... -The hostels: There are two hostels '' official '' in Nice, that is affiliated with Hostelling International (which offers certain guarantees, comfort, cleanliness, price ...). Both offer a good situation in town (one near the train station, the other nearby Mont Boron), but beware, places are limited. -Small hotels and hostels: outside hostels, Nice has several relatively cheap addresses in the unclassified category hotels or hostels ... most offer dorm beds (mixed or not), sometimes with more than 15 people! The prices are surging as soon as one turns to the single / double ... For the budget conscious and not riding on comfort. -The camping: the Nice Mediterranean climate lends itself perfectly to outdoor living, so why not try it at a campsite? Of course, do not expect your tent in the city center, but some campsites close vicinity (car recommended) enjoy a nice frame.

What neighborhood sleep in Nice?

A brief overview of the most delightful parts / practices / Wanted Nice: -The Promenade des Anglais: the most exclusive area of ​​Nice course, the seafront! Prices soar around, in comfortable hotels that directly border the Promenade des Anglais. A clearly privileged position, but start putting money aside now! -The city: halfway between the beaches, the Promenade des Anglais and for example the station, the vibrant city center of Nice contains numerous addresses all categories hotels and guest houses. Ideal location to discover Nice (movements mainly be on foot ...) and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. -The station area more practical than anything else, the proximity to the train station is welcome in the context of a short stay in order to lose as little time as possible on arrival and departure. Attention to value, not always optimal. -The Old City: a nice area of ​​Nice, with some charming hotels and apartments, but in limited quantities ... be sure to book in advance. -Acropolis: a business area with modern and functional hotels. Not a panacea for the charm of course, but Acropolis is well served by public transport. Consider if you come across a good deal.