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Marseille and its hotels

To combine the advantages of a big city with the pleasures of the Mediterranean, no doubt, Marseille itself as a destination of choice. Would that for accents and cultural traits, the Phocean City worth a visit, a weekend for example, the time to browse the mythical neighborhoods (the Old Port, Cart ...) and to make a jump in creeks to get to the water. Great city hosting many visitors, both tourists than business travelers, Marseille has a range of accommodation: many hotels, small address not listed as 5 star all fired, hostels, of B & Bs, campgrounds also ... in short, it is enough to stay in the area, either downtown or in the immediate vicinity. On the occasion of big-time events, or on sunny weekends of spring and summer, Marseille is a particularly busy city. Depending on the season, distrust is in order regarding the tourists: to make the shot, take the time to book your Marseille hotel as soon as possible. You will have more choice, but also more likely to enjoy the best rates available ...

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Marseille

In Marseille, the cost of accommodation is representative of what is usually done in major French cities. The premium is expensive, some small hotels allow housing affordable, while between these two extremes we find almost everything: the good, the great, the way but very bad ... to help you find your way in room rates, here is an approximate price range of Marseille hotels: -Not expensive: 20 euros / night (hostel dormitory ...). -Good market: around 25-50 euros / night (single / double room in a budget hotel). -Price means: 60-90 euros / night (double room in basic 2/3 stars). -Comfortable: over 100 euros / night (for a double). -Top range: from 200 euros / night (5 star luxury). How to book your hotel? The simplest and most practical remains to go through the internet hotel booking sites (eg Booking). These allow to browse and easily compare all of the hotel offer Marseille (at least registered hotels), based on price. Customer reviews are a valuable source of information to get a clearer idea of ​​the quality of a hotel (tourist presentation of the texts are not necessarily very objective!). The occasional specials are many bargains to be seized; please book in advance when cancellation is free, then regularly check offers you the freedom to change ... The Marseille Tourist Office website is also a good research base. The latter brings together many addresses in all accommodation categories. Convenient to get an idea of ​​all possible options.

The offer of accommodation in Marseille

Marseille has a varied offer of accommodation, the quality is very variable; it easily passes from completely. In addition to classic hotels, the city also has many alternatives, although for those wishing to change their habits: -Hotels 5 stars: two 5 star Marseille, both located near the Old Port. It will pay the price, but given the level of benefits, you will have the assurance of an exceptional stay. -Hotels 4 stars: overall 4 stars Marseille offer services in line with their rates, the value is the rendezvous. Around 100 euros per night for a double room, you should not be disappointed. -Hotels 3 stars: some very good spots in this category, others more mundane ... the price range is variable (roughly 70 to 100 euros / night), compare many offers to get it right. -Hotels 2 stars: here, things get complicated to find the right value ... there are great restaurants in the category 2 stars, but the prices are sometimes a little excessive. -Hotels 1 star and unclassified: in general, expect a serious fall-level benefits. Good for a short stopover without breaking the bank, in a basic comfort. -Maisons guest: you will find guest rooms in the center of Marseille and in the vicinity. The quality of the reception and breakfast make all the difference, while it may be fun to change the sometimes impersonal context hotels. -Apartments furnished holiday residences: a fully equipped studio, rather than a hotel room, the formula has the wind in its sails. The convenience of a furnished apartment, autonomy during the stay and the savings by sharing with others (family, friends ...) are all strong points.

Sleep cheap in Marseille

It is not always easy to spend the night in Marseille when traveling to the economy ... Affordable addresses do exist, but it will not be too demanding comfort level / benefits. Here are some ways to sleep cheap in Marseille: -The hostels: There are two hostels '' official '' in Marseille, affiliated to Hostelling International (which offers certain guarantees, comfort, cleanliness, price ...). Not necessarily very well located, these two hostels are the most economical solution, with the night in dormitory from 20 euros. For safety, always book in advance as places are limited! Note also some private hostels themselves as offering dorm beds. -Small hotels: if you are not picky comfort level, a faded frame does not displease you and you make fun of the atmosphere of the neighborhood where you live, then you turn to small cheap hotels; a single room is obtained from 25 euros. -The campsites: of course, opt for camping returns to offset quite widely from downtown, not always ideal for a short break for example. However, pitch a tent and sleep outdoors remains a very economical way to spend the night ...

What neighborhood sleep in Marseille?

A brief overview of the most delightful parts / practices / Wanted Marseille: -The Old Port: difficult to expect better situation than a hotel located around the Old Port of Marseille, emblematic of the city. A room with sea view is trading quite expensive, but a wake overlooking the harbor in the early morning is worth its weight in gold ... -The Canebière: many hotels on both sides of the Canebiere. A central location of variable quality and addresses some corners not necessarily very nice night ... so there is pros and cons. -The Saint-Charles train station: obviously very convenient for traveling by train, with the Old Port walking distance ... more functional than anything else so. -The Cart: one of the most charming neighborhoods of Marseille. Ideal for a guest room, for example. Prefecture-level: the center of Marseille, animated, many shops, good quality hotels (and therefore not shown) as well as more affordable places ... This is not the charm of the Old Port, but the area well public transport. -The Corniche the Pharo Palace to the Prado beaches, it is possible to book a room not far, even the very edge of the sea ... a feast for the awakening to love swimming. -Stade Velodrome: for a round trip centered on a match of OM, or if you have business on the side from t ... otherwise, the area shows no interest.