Find a hotel in Madrid


Accommodation and tourist seasons in Madrid

Madrid is undoubtedly one of major tourist capitals of Europe culturally, the city ranks without harm to the forefront, while you're in Madrid also to taste the pleasures of life style to the Spanish, where people like to live on the street and late night. Easily accessible for a weekend getaway, Madrid is a destination even more attractive than any budget should navigate in the Spanish capital. This applies in particular to the supply of accommodation: it is consistent but varied. Unlike other capitals such as London or Paris, tight budgets do quite honorably to sleep in Madrid, which has many cheap accommodation, but also well located. Conversely, Madrid does not stingy with beautiful hotels and chic establishments, just as easily opt for an apartment rental or bed and breakfast of charm in the historic center ... Tourists flock many throughout the year in Madrid, but the peak season starts around May-June and ends around September; do not underestimate either the school holidays, festivals (eg Day of the Year festive) or just on weekends, which are synonymous with greater tourist influence and higher hotel prices . For these periods, book your accommodation in advance is preferable. Feel free to discover Madrid off season: Also your budget is thereby reduced, the city also has its charm in a beautiful winter sun. Conversely, the heat of the summer do not always facilitate the visits in this urban atmosphere ... in this case, a room with air conditioning is always welcome!

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Madrid

For as long as we take it a minimum in advance, it is frankly not hard to dig a room cheap and not too badly located in Madrid. Hotels abound: these include as much high-end 4 or 5 star places, institutions of good value in categories 2 and 3 stars, or even hostels and other hostels downright cheap youth. .. To figure it out, here is a summary of the prices of the hotels in Madrid: -Not expensive: around 15-20 euros / night (dorm bed in a youth hostel or hostel). -Good market: 30 to 50 euros / night (single / double room in small hotel or hostel). -Price average 50-70 euros / night (2-3 stars, more or less well located for a double room). -Comfortable: from 80 euros / night for a double room (mostly 4 star hotels). -Top range: above 150 euros / night. These prices tend to change according to tourists: in season, earlier you search for your hotel, you have more chance to enjoy the best prices. Off season, you can enjoy lower prices, Madrid becomes a relatively cheap destination. It should be well search the deals on hotel booking sites because the discounts are common: with a little luck, we spotted a beautiful 4 star city center at the cost of the 3-star ... bargains are to enter on the web! Besides a slew of medium range hotels, where benefits are variable, Madrid also has some beautiful luxury hotels 5 star luxury, hotel with rooftop pool (great in summer Madrid), design property and avant-garde ... those who love comfortable stays find their happiness. In contrast to the price scale, tight budgets and broke backpackers will also be doing well because Madrid is full of cheap addresses.

Alternatives to the hotel: rentals of apartments, guest houses, Hostels

The number of hotels in Madrid is particularly important, you will have a priori no problem finding the place for you. However, the desire sometimes just changed some habits, why not change classic hotels, and test other types of accommodation? Interesting alternatives exist in Madrid, guest houses, apartments for rent, hostels (Hostels) ... Overview of alternatives to the hotel: -The apartment rentals: there are not as apartments for rent in the month in Madrid, but also occasional rental, weekly, for the weekend, etc ... Let a flat has several advantages: greater autonomy, no time constraints, you also have a kitchen, which can prepare its meals itself. Shared with others (family, couples, friends), the rental usually costs less than a hotel room, without compromising on comfort. The apartments are displayed in various categories: functional aparthotel, cheap rent small studio for 2 people or large family apartment, historic building, modern equipment and high quality services, something for everyone. -The B & Bs there are a bunch in Madrid, often referred to as pensiones. In the family pension a bit outdated rooms to the decor design and trendy, there is a bit of everything in this category. If you stay at two for example, prices remain affordable in all, while many pensions are displayed in the inexpensive category. A charming place, with friendly hosts company, a formula to give another dimension to a stay in Madrid. -The Hostels: the term Hostels (hostels) seems to cover many categories of accommodation in Madrid ... in other words, make sure the level of performance displayed by a hostel, which may as well be part of the low-end that offer good benefits. For satisfactory comfort level, turn to the Hostels 3 stars, the top of the basket, where the places are nice without the price revved.

Sleep cheap in Madrid

Madrid may well be a great European capital and a popular tourist destination, the city remains under a good accommodation offer highly developed market. No problem, therefore, to spend the night in Madrid despite a small budget: Hostels Hostels cheap, dormitories and even camping, no need to ruin. In high season, it is better to take the time to book in advance as these cheap accommodation, being many, have no trouble refueling. -The hostels and hostels: There are three hostels '' official '' in Madrid, that is attached to Hostelling International (which offers certain guarantees, comfort, cleanliness, price ...). These inns are quickly bookées but the city also has many private hostels. Prices are more or less equivalent, the principle is the same (dormitory night), and the quality of services varies. Even for those traveling to meet people for whom comfort is a vague significance. -The Hostels: hostels represent a patchwork in Madrid. Some Hostels fall into the cheap category, and offer dorm beds as small single / double rooms with shared bathroom at the spartan but at unbeatable prices. A solution that makes the case for tight budgets lingering a few nights. -The university residences: solution for students, rooms in halls of residence are available monthly during the school year, but not necessarily outside. Prices are affordable, with possibility of including breakfast or half board. -The campsites: Madrid has a campsite, which of course, is based outside the city center, in the district of Barajas (northeast). For hardcore campers only, considering the price of some Hostels the heart of the capital ...

What neighborhood sleep in Madrid?

Look at a map: Madrid is a sprawling city, the Metro lines far outside the center, the capital seems sprawling ... however, the point of view of the tourist, Madrid did nothing more urban monster, because the main sites and other '' unavoidable '' Madrid are concentrated in the center and adjacent neighborhoods: in the end, most of the visit of Madrid may well be on foot! Good news, then, regarding the situation of the hotel: as long as one is within walking distance from the center, there is no problem simply through the city. To help make his choice, we are launching now on a tour of neighborhoods to stay in Madrid: -The historic center: it is here that concentrates the bulk of Madrid hotels, the royal palace in the Puerta del Sol, Plaza Major in the Prado Museum, the choice is wide. Luxury facilities, comfortable hotels, guest houses, Hostels from all sides, also addresses affordable apartments for rent ... the situation is ideal safe: restaurants, shops, tourist sites, everything is within foot. In addition, the historic center of Madrid is very pleasant. -Gran Via: large artery of the capital, there are many hotels around the Gran Via, including really cheap Hostels. Good side: the Gran Via is well served and serves as a transition between the center and other great neighborhoods. Disadvantage: an infernal traffic and signs that have nothing very interesting ... -Malasaña: friendly streets, many tapas bars, always bustling nightlife, a few corners where one crosses prostitutes also ... Malasaña is an area where Madrid expresses a popular and lively, perfect for digging up a small cheap hostel and spend the evening outside. -Chueca: nearby Malasaña, Chueca is the underground area, trendy and gay in the Spanish capital. Good places to sleep. The center is not far away and the area served by the metro. -Salamanca: welcome uptown Madrid. Hotels and rental apartments are the crease and readily displayed in the high end. -Barajas: Also a campsite, the area includes hotels whose main interest is the proximity to the airport. The prices do not justify to offset at this point. -Nuevos Ministerios: the business district, north of Madrid. An architecture which clashes, but the neighborhood is not a great tourist interest, however. modern and functional hotel for business travelers.