Find a hotel in Lisbon

Accommodation and tourist seasons in Lisbon

Among European capitals, Lisbon on the rise: the city has become a popular destination for short stays including a weekend or three days to visit the Portuguese capital, while with its rich culture and beautiful surrounding region, Extremadura, Lisbon has largely what retain longer visitors. The latter would also wrong to deprive because Lisbon remains a relatively affordable city in terms of budget. Served by many low cost flights, the return is not exorbitant. On site, good news, the Lisbon accommodation is generally considered quite affordable, with many cheap addresses, hostels, pensions, etc ... of medium range hotels good value but of course, for lovers of comfort, some luxury facilities. The offer is also provided as varied, if we add the classic hotels posadas, apartments for rent, guest houses, etc, etc ... Prices have still tend to vary with seasons because Lisbon has become a real tourist destination. Thus, the capital, which is bathed in a mild climate from the beginning of spring, welcomes many visitors from Easter holidays, while the period extending from June to September is the peak season. It is then not unusual to see prices up, but it will still be possible to dig a hotel in satisfactory price, looking good. Off season bargains abound, while Lisbon is a great opportunity for cheap weekend ...

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Lisbon

All budgets are catered in Lisbon: it is also possible to spend several hundred euros a night for a nice room in a luxury hotel than stick to fifteen euros opting for a hostel or a small cheap pension. To give you an idea of ​​the budget required, here is the timing of hotels in Lisbon -Not expensive: around 15-20 euros / night (mainly hostels, small hotels). -Good market: 25 to 40 euros / night (small hotels and 1-2 star cheap apartments). -Price means: 40-70 euros / night (2-3 stars, more or less well located for a double room). -Comfortable: up to 90-100 euros / night. -Top range: from 150 euros / night. With this price range in mind, it is possible to compare prices displayed with the services offered. We said it, Lisbon has many places of good value. With a hotel within the category average price, it is easy to get away with a comfort address, with adequate benefits, and pretty good location. Really cheap addresses are also present in the center of the capital. Ideally, it is better to book in advance his hotel in Lisbon for a wider choice and increase your chances of getting the best rates. To book a Lisbon hotel, the easiest thing to go through the Internet: the hotel booking sites are ideal for comparing offers and sort according to its budget. Additionally, specials are not rare, glancing regularly, it is common to come across a good deal. The hotel's description, details of benefits, conditions and customer reviews are a great help to get a better idea of ​​where there are settle down. Similarly, you can opt for accommodation offers all inclusive in Lisbon: these formulas present in certain tour operators usually offer the flight and accommodation at very attractive prices, but beware, therefore, you do not have a choice hotel where you will spend your stay.

Alternatives to the hotel: posadas, guest houses and holiday apartments Lisbon

Lisbon has a wide choice of hotels, but not only, several other solutions can stay in the Portuguese capital while testing a new framework for a holiday experience that changes. As always, the earlier you book the better is to dig up the bargain. -The pousadas are hotels boasting a prime historic setting, like the Paradores in Spain for example, a mansion, a small eighteenth century palace in the historic center of Lisbon, a beautiful historical house, the setting is what differentiates pousadas upscale hotels. The atmosphere is made to marry the scene: the chic is the rendezvous. A quaintness that do not have modern addresses. -The guest houses B & B and guest house are another alternative to stay in Lisbon. The capital also has many pensions and homestays, but the guest rooms are distinguished by their neat, a chic atmosphere, higher rates range also. However, it remains in price levels below the posadas; deco design, historic furniture, central location and quality service, most of Lisbon's guest rooms are designed on top of the basket. -The apartment rentals: why not live in Lisbon during your stay? It is the feeling that one is opting for renting an apartment. The offer is quite diverse and varied: it can be a simple cheap aparthotel as a studio redone in a beautiful historic building in the center of Lisbon ... Overall, we find it easily compared to a hotel room for equal comfort, prices are equivalent or even for the condos, especially if you share rent several (at least 2 people). The apartment rental has the advantage of full autonomy (kitchen equipment) during the stay.

Sleep cheap Lisbon hostels, guest houses, campsites

Unlike many other European capitals tourist sleeping in Lisbon with a small budget should not be a problem. The solutions are varied effect: hostels (or hostels) have proliferated all over the capital, as many homestays and other pensions offer very attractive prices. There are also small hotels that display cheap fares in Lisbon. -The hostels: the least we can say is that there is plenty of choice in terms of hostels in Lisbon. They are many, they propose to spend the night in dorm price revolving around 15-20 euros, or rooms (2, 4 beds) at very affordable prices. The good news is that generally follows the quality: cleanliness, original decor, entertainment, hospitality, Lisbon's hostels are nice and somewhat trendy. Lisbon seems a paradise for lovers of hostels, either to the atmosphere or to the limited budget, so much enjoy. Some addresses are particularly well placed in central areas: please book in advance to ensure a place, the demand is there. -The pensions: pensions and homestays are commonplace in Lisbon, and it is not hard to stay at good prices even remaining in the center of the capital. Pensions are marked by signs. The standard varies, some of the comfort and decor a little basic, but hey, when you pay 45 euros a double room, it is hard to complain about the details! -The campsites: generally opt for camping is the cheapest solution, but also the most compelling, because you have to pull out. Without venturing into the area of ​​Lisbon, which has many campsites, note the presence of a field in the Monsanto Park, where it will be possible to pitch a tent for a pittance. camper pitches and bungalows available.

What neighborhood sleep in Lisbon?

Lisbon is a nice city, with various districts have different atmospheres. The main tourist attractions (the '' essential '') gathered in the historic center, Baixa and the side of the Alfama, Bairro Alto, and further, Belem. If the center of the capital is easily covered on foot, by public transport allow you to move easily from one point to another of the city; a tram ride even became symbolic of a Lisbon stay. Several neighborhoods therefore offer a significant framework and an interesting situation ... here are some tips for where to book your hotel: -Baixa: the historic center of Lisbon, hard to find a more central location. Yet there is a bit of everything in the neighborhood, the 4-star comfort in the simple cheap pension. Ideally, take an address between Rossio and Praça do Commercio, but interesting addresses also exist back Av. Liberdade. -L'Alfama: close to the center, connected by a legendary tram line, the Alfama is undoubtedly one of the most engaging districts of Lisbon: pretty streets, old houses, many affordable taverns, charm in all. Cheap places alongside some top flight hotels, towards the Castello Sao Jorge including. -Bairro Alto shops, bars and nightlife, Bairro Alto is known as the most fashionable district of the capital; ideal to dig a hostel with a relaxed atmosphere. The historic center is reached in 5 minutes. walk. -Quartier North: around the Marques de Pombal, then towards the famous Gubelkian Museum, Lisbon looks like a big city. With public transport, the rest of the capital is easily accessible. Many hotels, functional facilities, modern type of business clients, but again a lot of cheap places away from the main roads. -Bélem: the area is a must on any visit to Lisbon with its monuments classified by Unesco (the Tower of Belem, the Monastery). Belem has a few charming addresses but is not ideal for staying a short time in the capital: eccentric, provide additional transportation time. -oriented: recent quarter, the Parque das Nações (Park of Nations), here are modern hotels and foremost for a business clientele. Oriente is connected to the center by public transport but remains eccentric for tourism.