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Accommodation and tourist seasons in Deauville.

Deauville is considered, with its casino, palaces, magnificent villas, its racecourse, its marinas, its American Film Festival, golf courses, as one of the most prestigious seaside resorts of France. It attracts thousands of tourists, including Paris because of its geographical proximity. For this reason its hotel portfolio is therefore quite expensive but overall you will find mostly luxury resorts and outstanding villas, as well as independent hotels and chain, but also rental, tourist homes and cottages . To find something not too expensive, move away from the city center and beaches, or direct you to downright Trouville, on the other side of the Touques, or to Bénerville, Tourgéville, or Saint Arnoult. Warning consider booking in the summer, and during the American Film Festival in September. For more information about Deauville head to the official website of the Tourist Office of Deauville, you will find all the information essential to the smooth running of your stay: Or sleep ? Where to eat ? Or out? Have to do ? Getting around maps and tourist itineraries, weather, shopping, excursions and walks, sports activities, calendar of sporting and cultural events, and all the best places and tips from the tourist office.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Deauville.

The rates for hotels vary depending on tourist seasons: the prices given below are therefore orders only. To get an idea of ​​the price of hotels managed: -Not expensive: 30-50 euros / night -Good market: up to 75 euros / night -Price medium: 80-120 euros / night -Comfortable: around 150-200 euros / night -Top range from 200 euros / night and up. Before you leave take a little time to find your place on the internet, see the comments, the various services, the situation of the hotel. Look carefully you will find affordable hotels in the city center and in the tourist areas. Choose your accommodation according to the type of stay and vacation you want to go; rural tourism, city break, relaxing stay and wellness, gourmet or luxury. Ideally, it is better to book in advance his hotel in Deauville to benefit from a wider choice and increase your chances of getting the best rates. To book a hotel in Deauville the easiest thing to go through internet hotel booking sites are ideal for comparing offers and sort according to its budget. Additionally, specials are not rare, glancing regularly, it is common to come across a good deal.

Where to stay? The neighborhoods of Deauville.

Deauville is divided into three areas: the beach area, a residential area of ​​luxury with casinos. Behind another fashionable area, this is where lies the racetrack. Finally the port area and the train station along the Touques. A single rule for a moderate hotel, at least less, move away from the city center and beaches, or head to the nearby town of Trouville Bénerville, Tourgéville, or Saint Arnoult.

Some dream hotels in Deauville.

Top 10 most beautiful hotels in Deauville The main luxury hotels in Normandy located in Deauville, with the three famous luxury hotels "Barriers": -Royal Barrière 5 star luxury hotel located on the waterfront, and with a casino, an outdoor pool and a fitness center. -Normandy Barriere luxury 5-star hotel facing the beaches of Deauville, this hotel features an indoor pool and a fitness center. -Hotel du Golf Barriere, this luxury hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, sauna and steam room, as well as a golf course. And also: -Résidence Closerie Deauville, located near the beach, this 4-star residence features a wellness area including indoor pool, sauna and hot tub. -The Manors of Tourgéville, located in a large park, outside of Deauville, The Manors of Tourgéville offers an indoor pool, tennis courts, and a cinema. -Mercure Deauville Hotel Du Yacht Club, located in the center of Deauville, this hotel is opposite the marina and adjacent beaches. -Amirauté Hotel, this hotel features 2 pools, a tennis court and a panoramic restaurant. -L'Augeval - Charming Hotel. -81 The hotel, located close to the racecourse, Hotel 81 welcomes you in a design and elegant setting. -Almoria, 3-star design hotel, located near the beach and Deauville Train Station.

Sleep cheap Deauville hostels, youth hostels, campsites .

All around Deauville are numerous campsites, tourist homes, lodges and guest houses, you can also sleep in Trouville, Bénerville, Tourgéville, or Saint Arnoult, municipalities or the price of accommodation is slightly lower. Listed campsite you can choose from 3 campsites, Camping La Vallée De Deauville, Le Camping des Aras, and the Camping Domaine du Lac. All campsites offering a luxury, especially the first two, which are also located less than three kilometers from Deauville.

What alternative to hotels in Deauville?

You'll find tourist residences such as Pierre & Vacances or the Closerie, ideal for a family, or even rentals; Sevigne Residence La Marina, Le Grand Large, to name a few. And also the guest rooms, such as; The Bore, La Cabane à Flot, The Cerisée .... A number of the apartment rental is an economical solution. Think absolutely bookable summer. Big advantage of the apartment: autonomy which you enjoy during the stay. With a kitchenette, need to eat out systematically, perfect if you are traveling on a shoestring. Another alternative to hotels, home exchange, see for example a site like, an online exchange platform between houses especially for a holiday stay in short or extended. You can also go through leasing platforms on the internet, such as Wimdu. It is usually possible to rent to night, week or month.