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Accommodation and tourist seasons in Chartres.

The main attraction of Chartres, the one that brought the most visitors is its 12th century cathedral, considered by many art historians as the finest surviving example of the High Gothic period. But Chartres is also true for its built heritage and its medieval streets. The old town of Chartres consists of two parts, the upper town, around the cathedral and lower town, on the banks of the Eure and arms, which is a remarkable set of streets, bridges and medieval and Renaissance buildings. Regarding accommodation Chartres suffers from a lack of hotels so it is strongly advised to book in advance. There are some boutique hotels in the center of the chain hotels along the ring road, west and south of the city. For more information you can also directing towards the official site of the Tourist Office of Chartres, the site provides many practical and travel information Where to stay? Where to eat ? Or out? Have to do ? Getting around Weather, events, sports, etc ... In addition to providing this valuable information Charters tourist office of the site allows you to book online your accommodation: hotels, apartments, guesthouses, camping, etc. ..

Recommended Hotels in Chartres.

At Chartres, the following hotels will offer you good value for money: First "La Maison St Yves." Right next to the cathedral, hotel run by the church. The staff is very helpful. Moreover, the rooms are very clean and tidy. Count 40 euros per night. The cheapest hotel remains the Formula 1 located on the outskirts of the city (Avenue d'Orleans | RN 154) takes 30 euros per night. We should also mention the "Logis", in the center, it offers a great home in a comfortable and pleasant environment. -The Grand Monarque, 22 place Epars in the city center, a "Best Western" with prices starting from 110 €. -The hotel Ibis, instead Drouaise 50/75 euros. -Hotel Mercure Chartres Cathedral, 3 rue du General Koenig. 75/100 euros.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Chartres.

The rates for hotels vary depending on tourist seasons: the prices given below are therefore orders only. -No dear: 20/30 euros / night -Good market: up to 60 euros / night -Price medium: 60-100 euros / night -Comfortable: 100-150 euros / night -High range of more than 140 euros / night Before you leave take a little time to find your place on the internet, see the comments, the various services, the situation of the hotel. Look carefully you will find affordable hotels in the city center and in the tourist areas. Find out in advance if your hotel is not too close to a busy road or a nightclub. That kind of details that could completely ruin your holiday.

The most beautiful hotels of Chartres.

-Best Western Hôtel Spa Grand Monarque, located in the center of Chartres, this elegant hotel offers a large spa with sauna and steam room. -Qualys-Hotel Chatelet, this modern, elegant and quiet is just a few steps from the cathedral. -Mercure Chartres Cathedral, this luxury hotel is located in the center of Chartres, the rooms have views of the cathedral and market. -Novotel Chartres hotel a standing located outside the city center of Chartres near the exhibition center. -Campanile Chartres hotel located 10 minutes from the center of Chartres offers comfortable and modern rooms. -Logis Hotel, located near the cathedral, this hotel offers a modern, stylish and warm. -comfort Hotel Chartres Le Coudray, close to the motorway Paris to Le Mans. -Logis L'Oree de Chartres Barjouville. -Hotel Inn Resto Novo -The Boeuf Couronne, Chartres, this hotel features a restaurant with views of the Cathedral of Chartres.

Sleep cheap in Chartres hostels, youth hostels, campsites .

If you have a small budget or you simply want to stay in a place that promotes intercultural encounters, choose a hostel. Chartres The hostel is open 23 Neigre Avenue, it has 16 rooms with 4 to 6 beds and washbasin, living room with fireplace. Count fifteen euros per night.

What alternative to hotels in Chartres?

You can also refer you to an accommodation in guest rooms, in this category we recommend "The Conviv'hotes" (10, Green Pot Street), as the heart of the old town of Chartres. The rooms are immaculate and beautifully decorated. There are only 2 rooms and a communal kitchen. Besides the interesting alternatives to hotels are available, present in different categories of accommodation. As always, the earlier you book the better is to dig up the bargain. The rents of apartments: a solution that is not always think, but has several advantages. Rent an apartment in Chartres allows to enjoy unparalleled autonomy; the kitchen can prepare meals at will. Pricewise, quickly found there with an apartment, especially if you share with others (family, friends, etc ...). You can also go through leasing platforms on the internet, such as Wimdu It is usually possible to rent to night, week or month. The rental offer is wide and diverse, and well detailed rental listings. Another alternative to hotels, why not consider a home exchange, see for example a site like And then there is also the solution of the coach-surfing, the site location is well on For those who might not know is a network that connects people offering a free bed or a sofa in their home with people looking for a bed or a sofa for a few days. A necessarily economical but serves primarily to meet people, if your hosts have a little time to grant you they will usually be happy to show you their city.