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Accommodation and tourist seasons in Brussels

Brussels is a city attractive in many ways: its cultural ferment, its architecture and its history, Belgian, his sense of irony and scale '' human scale '' the particular make pleasant to visit time a weekend, for example. On the drive out or ride to train with Thalys lines or bus, Brussels is easily accessible in a few hours, on a whim. If Brussels attracts many curious, this is not a 'best seller' 'among the major tourist destinations in Europe. EU capital, largest city of congresses and important meeting business, Brussels is none the less busy and has therefore a substantial offer accommodation. Modern and functional hotel for a business clientele, comfortable accommodations in the center, historical addresses, more traditional hotels and hostels, not to mention a significant part of Bed & Breakfast and guest houses. Difficult to talk about tourism seasons in Brussels: the city is equally attractive in winter than in summer, but attendance is likely to be more important during long weekends or for holidays (eg New Year's Day ), periods for which you will be well advised to book your hotel room in advance. Another trend is seen in Brussels: Many hotels have more available seats on weekends rather than week due to less present business clients during these days off. So bargains are to grasp for weekends, good news if you are planning a short stay in the Belgian capital.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Brussels

Let it be said, Brussels is not exactly a cheap destination in terms of accommodation. Prices overall are high hair, especially in the range of 2-3 well located hotels stars and charming B & B. Prepare a budget accordingly ... To give you an idea, here is the timing of hotels in Brussels: -Not expensive: 20-25 euros / night (mainly hostels). -Good market: from 45 to 60 euros / night (small hotels and 1-2 star cheap apartments). -Price average 60-80 euros / night (2-3 stars, more or less well located). -Comfortable: from 90 euros / night. -High range of over 150 euros / night. These price ranges are used as reference, the important is to judge case by case whether the quality of services offered sticks with the price published by the property. In Brussels, the value varies; However, given the price, it remains far from the delusions of grandeur of the great tourist destinations such as hotels Paris, London, Rome or Venice. It is therefore quite possible to find accommodation in Brussels for an acceptable price, enjoying a quality address. To benefit from the best rates, the trick is always the same: better reserve a room in advance, although last minute deals unlabelled resemble bargains for the lucky. To book a hotel in Brussels, using classical and practical solutions: the web. Hotel booking sites are ideal for comparing offers and sort according to its budget. The description of the hotel and the customer reviews are a great help to get a better idea; as long as it falls on good reduction, then there is more hesitation. Similarly, you can opt for accommodation offers all inclusive in Brussels, often weekends of 2 or 3 days including the hotel night at attractive prices as negotiated, possibly transport ... These formulas are present on different tour sites or directly on the Brussels tourist office website (

Alternatives to the hotel: B & B and holiday apartments Brussels

None of Brussels hotels tempt you, and you want to change a few amenities for your next weekend? This is great, Brussels has what it takes alternative to conventional hotels, B & B, apts for rent ... As always, the sooner you book the better is to dig up the bargain. -The Bed & Breakfast B & Bs are popular in Brussels, so much enjoy. The offer is well supplied, and in the same way as hotels, levels of luxury and comfort are as varied as the price levels ... Thus, it is possible to dig up a B & B at 60-70 euros per night for 2 people like to double the lead for a room in a charming guest house with a particularly neat decor ... Everything depends on the budget you have available and your travel desires, but remember that the B & B offer Brussels beautiful array of choices when it comes to choosing an accommodation. To find deals, visit on general booking websites (eg Booking) or on the Brussels tourist office website. -The apartment rentals: a solution not to be underestimated, because the offer is quite developed in Brussels, whether private rental apartments or studios in aparthotel (on hotel booking sites, site specialists apts, special offers as, etc ...). Prices are beneficial overall, and especially if you share rent several (at least 2 people). Big advantage of the apartment: autonomy which you enjoy during the stay. With a kitchenette, need to eat out systematically, perfect if you are traveling on a shoestring. Orders prices vary depending on the standard of the apartment, but in equal comfort, it is not difficult to get by at cheaper price than a hotel. Consider then!

Sleep cheap Brussels hostels, campsites

It is quite possible to stay in Brussels with a small budget, turning to studios, aparthotels and small cheap hotels in the capital. The classic rule applies: the more you push your research away from the center, the greater your chance to dig up an address on a budget. Otherwise, the small tight already know the solution to accommodate the cheapest possible in town: youth hostels. Brussels does not bend under the weight of its inns (or hostels), since the capital in fewer than a dozen, the greater or less well located in relation to the historic center. In all cases, a single board prevails: always book in advance as places, even when it comes to sharing a dorm with 10, are in high demand! Avoid landing at the last minute under penalty of surprises ... -The hostels HI: they are three in number in Brussels to be affiliated with the Hostelling International network. Each is within walking distance from the center, more or less eccentric however. Please note, places are limited and quickly disappear. Expect around 20-25 euros a night dormitory depending on the period. -Hostels and small hotels: there are a few other private hostels located around the historic center of Brussels, accessible at very affordable prices (20-25 euros per night in a dormitory), without too suffer from a peripheral location. Besides the hostels, Brussels has many small hotels, unclassified or revolving around 1-2 stars to offer double rooms really cheap, with shared bathroom and comfort in relation to the price ... -The campsites: of course it is not in his tent close to the Grand Place ... However, camping is still the most economical solution if you are traveling to the economy. Not too far from the center, there is a camping Ixelles aside and the European Quarter, from 6 euros / person! Otherwise, it will seriously consider moving away from the capital, possible if you are driving.

What neighborhood sleep in Brussels?

Now that we have detailed the various hosting solutions present in Brussels, perhaps it is time to focus on the districts of the capital on which to focus research. Brussels including its suburbs, is a surprisingly expansive city, while public transport, complete (bus, metro, tram), do not always move quickly from one point to another. As part of a short stay, a central location or near the outskirts of the historical center will be better, but nothing is lost if you end up off-center due to budgetary restrictions ... -The historic center: high hotel concentration around the Grand Place. All categories are represented: of course, the prices are relatively high overall, but may be justified in a charming setting, close to the main attractions, museums, restaurants, outlet locations, etc. .. Some bargains side B & B. The ideal location for a weekend to discover Brussels. -Gare the South: it is here that one arrives with the Thalys from France, or by bus with Eurolines. As often for stations, the area is well connected and convenient for its proximity to transport, but at the charm could use some work. The Grand Place and the historic center are within walking distance in 10-15 minutes, not unbearably so. Not far from the Gare du Midi, the Saint-Gilles neighborhood has several nice places. -Center city: several large hotels, modern signs, like 5-star hotels 1 star up the hotel landscape of the area around Place Rogier. Many shops and historic center within walking distance. -Ixelles: pleasant address and other affordable around Avenue Louise and in the district of Ixelles, trendy and living in places (restaurant, places to go ...). European -Quartier: an eccentric hair from the center, the hotels here cater primarily to business customers. Some business to do at the weekend when those institutions fail to refuel. -Anderlecht: not exactly the most attractive district of Brussels, Anderlecht still has some advantages: proximity to the Gare du Midi, addresses 2-3 star affordable ...