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Lac d'Annecy

Accommodation and tourist seasons in Annecy.

Cheap hotels are not numerous in Annecy, remember to book in advance to get the best rates, especially in summer. As against the charms of hotels abound, you can find a middle or upper class hotel in a beautiful house of the old town or in a cottage nearby. For more information about Annecy head to the official website of the tourist office of Lake Annecy, you will find all the information necessary to the success of your stay in the Annecy region: Where to stay? Where to eat ? Or out? Have to do ? Getting around maps and tourist itineraries, weather, shopping, excursions and walks, sports activities, calendar of sporting and cultural events, and all the best places and tips from the tourist office.

Which hotel at what price? The budget accommodation in Annecy.

The rates for hotels vary depending on tourist seasons: the prices given below are therefore orders only. To get an idea of ​​the price of hotels managed: -Not expensive: 30-50 euros / night -Good market: up to 75 euros / night -Price medium: 80-120 euros / night -Comfortable: around 150-200 euros / night -Top range from 200 euros / night and up. Before you leave take a little time to find your place on the internet, see the comments, the various services, the situation of the hotel. Look carefully you will find affordable hotels in the city center and in the tourist areas. Choose your accommodation according to the type of stay and vacation you want to go; rural tourism, city break, relaxing stay and wellness, gourmet or luxury. Ideally, it is better to book in advance his hotel in Annecy to benefit from a wider choice and increase your chances of getting the best rates. To book a hotel in Annecy the easiest thing to go through internet hotel booking sites are ideal for comparing offers and sort according to its budget. Additionally, specials are not rare, glancing regularly, it is common to come across a good deal.

Where to stay? The Annecy neighborhoods.

Annecy is located on Lake Annecy. Crossed by many rivers the town of Annecy is often called the Venice of the Alps. Annecy has nine quarters. first there is the city where there is the train station, the town hall, and key state institutions. The second area is the area Parmelan Albigny east, is where is the municipal beach at the Imperial. The third area is that of schools, mainly residential area. The fourth quarter is the quarter Novel Teppes in the far north, Annecy suburb or are grouped in large housing estates. In the fifth district (district Fins), mainly residential there is a sports park, stadiums and the exhibition hall of Annecy. The sixth district, Romans, stands out thanks to its place of the Romans, the largest square in the city. The seventh district, the Mandallaz, is mainly residential. And then of course there is the old town, a maze of alleys and canals alongside old buildings full of charm. Here most of the streets are pedestrian.

Some dream hotels in Annecy.

Top 10 most beautiful hotels in Annecy -Novotel Annecy Center Atria, a luxury hotel located next to the train station. -Best Western Carlton Annecy, luxury hotel in the center of Annecy, just outside the medieval town. -L'Impérial Palace, 4-star hotel located on Lake Annecy and featuring a casino. -Mercure Annecy Center, located in the center of Annecy, near the train station, the lake and the old town, the Mercure Annecy Center offers comfortable rooms. -The Pre Square, in the heart of Annecy, this 4-star hotel offers a spa. -The Tresoms Annecy, near the Annecy Lake, this hotel offers comfortable and well-appointed rooms. -Best Western Hotel International located at the entrance of Annecy, this hotel has a fitness center and spa. -Allobroges hotel, very connfortable hotel in the city center of Annecy. -Logis Novel Restaurant La Mamma, beautiful hotel not far from the lake and the center of Annecy. -ibis Style Annecy Center Gare.

Sleep cheap Annecy hostels, youth hostels, campsites .

For modest budgets there is a youth hostel located near the forest, 10 minutes from the Old Annecy, it overlooks the lake and has stunning views of the surrounding mountains. This spacious building houses the holders of the international board of the hostels. collective rooms with 4 to 5 beds, free WiFi, fully equipped community kitchen, snack bar. Furthermore the hostel offers sports trips, mountain biking, canyoning, scuba diving. Address: 4 Route du Semnoz 74000 Annecy Do not forget your membership card, or you can obtain it at the inn. This one is not free but then offer substantial discounts. In summer you can also opt for camping, most economical, camping is situated at the foot of the Semnoz, 10 minutes walk from the Old Town. To choose your campsite so do a little research on the internet sites referencing campsites in France abound on the Web. Choose according to different criteria, such as geographic location, type of camping (holiday villages, campsites 1, 2, 3, 4 stars, camping on the farm, aqua-camp). Generally the sheets campsites are well detailed: Retail equipment, price, nearby attractions, etc ..

What alternative to hotels in Annecy?

The guest house and rest houses are plentiful near Annecy, you will find addresses in old cabins or old historic farms. In other hosting solutions, you can also opt for an aparthotel or furnished in a resort. The vacation rentals offer is particularly important around Annecy. One can find hundreds of offers on the Internet, consider booking a little early for a summer stay. Several, rentals are more economical than hotels and provide greater independence. For example you can direct you to PV-Holidays Adagio Annecy Center (next to the train station in the business district, a short walk from the old town and the lake). An aparthotel offering studios for up to 4 people. 80 Euros per day. Another alternative to hotels, home exchange, see for example a site like, an online exchange platform between houses especially for a holiday stay in short or extended. You can also go through leasing platforms on the internet, such as Wimdu.