Trek Thailand. Know before you go


If you wish to travel to Thailand on a journey that will put you face to face with what nature more beautiful, we recommend you to book a trek stay.

During a trekking in Thailand you are guaranteed to find yourself in the beautiful forests, to make contact with the water the time of crossing bamboo raft or stroll the hours elephant.

During a trek you can see plantations, rice fields, villages but especially a very rich fauna. You will love the trek parties happening around a roaring campfire and you can hear singing villagers. If you are in a group, we also ask you to sing a song of your country in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

To book a trek, you can go to Thailand and book on-site agency. However, you may surprises that's why we advise you to arrange before you leave, it will also ensure you support. We recommend trekking crossing the villages of Pai, Soppong, or Mae Hong Son.

For your trek takes place in good conditions, we advise you to take part in treks of 10 people. Ask when booking. Indeed, with less than 10 people this may be boring but with a higher number you may not have the necessary explanations.

If this is your first trek, avoid the so-called adventure treks, because you may be in danger and ruin your vacation by taking risks. Prefer a "discovery" trek.

Also note that the Thai army organizes treks in camps as Sri Song Rak Ekathotsarot. The more adventurous can enjoy!

For your trekking in Thailand is going in the right conditions, we advise you to take with you at least a pair of walking shoes, choosing strong canvas pants rather than shorts or bermudas. And do not forget your swimsuit, your repellent spray for mosquitoes and a hat that will protect you from the sun.