Trek in Nepal: tips and tricks

Trek au Népal?

Nepal is a magical land where a stay is not enough to see all his wealth. Imagine a cultural encounter, the most beautiful that of the Hindu culture of India and that of Buddhist Tibet. But beyond its rich history is not to describe, Nepal is above all the splendor of the landscapes. To enjoy the maximum, it is interesting to organize a trek.

Several circuits are possible, here are some ideas:

A trek in the Annapurna: the Annapurna range is very dense and provides a rich and varied vegetation. Several ethnic groups live in this region of the country and you can meet them. Note that this trek is quite demanding and requires a good physical condition especially because of some pretty dangerous paths that you need to borrow. You can change the paths by taking a certain altitude. The crossing of the Thorong Pass collar 5416m remains one of the toughest and most magical. At this level you will have an amazing view of the north of the Himalayas. Note that this is one of the most famous treks in the world and certainly the most beautiful.

Trekking in the Everest region: visit Nepal is also the opportunity to go to the meeting of the highest peak of the world! Are you ready ? It is a popular destination for trekkers but requires very good physical condition, anyway, you will not go alone and see how the team concept takes all its size in a trek of this magnitude. What is most charming in this trek beyond the sensations that you reserve these beautiful landscapes, this is contact with people in their villages perched high in the visiting monasteries ... a great way to experience nature from a trek and discover the culture of the ethnic groups that people this region as the Brahman ethnicities, Chhetri, Magar. You can also visit during your trek in the Everest National Park to discover the wildlife of the region.

There are other ideas trekking in Nepal as the trek in Dolpo. You choose according to your length of stay and your budget.