Trebeurden menhirs and beaches

In the surprising town of Trébeurden, you will find rows and dolmens which date back thousands of years BC. BC But these are beautiful beaches with unusual pink rocks that are popular with tourists, making the city a true resort. A Trebeurden you will find hotel establishments especially cozy comfort and affordable. An overnight stay will cost between 50 and 150 euros. The best around is the Agapa Hotel & Spa. Located on the coast, this two star hotel offers beautiful views of the sea and small offshore islands. The four-star property also includes a beautiful garden and spa. The Beauséjour Trégastel is ideal for family holidays. Guests enjoy the convenience of the proximity of the beach and its large family rooms with private bathrooms. The Toeno is the real good place for hotels Trebeurden. Everything is nice: the quality of housing, the flower beds of the property, the unique view of the Granit Rose coast and especially small price