Transport in Paris: know everything to move easily


Live Traffic on Paris and the Paris region.

The official website to inform you of the traffic island in France is SYTADIN .
traffic, information on real-time traffic jams, work, routes, travel times, radars on your route, night closures, route planner, information flashes ... Find all the information needed to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Other sites: Automobile Traffic Bison smart, TomTom Traffic, Traffic Mappy, Google Maps Traffic Info Traffic, Traffic and closures, site of the Paris Police Prefecture, PréviTrafic
. most of these sites have a mobile.Et version you can calculate your route using Google Maps, Mappy or ViaMichelin.

Other sites


    Useful Apps for transport in Paris.

    A quick and clear metro app to Paris and other major cities around the world. One can also see the bus network, trains, etc ... Noctiliens
    Enter your starting point and your destination, Metro automatically give you the shortest route to get there. You can also set your route indicating the number of stops, correspondence and estimated travel time.
    A news feed and articles dealing timeliness of public transport in the Paris region: Metro, RER, bus, tram ...
    -Appli RATP Premium
    the official application of the RATP provides real-time information on the passage time and the traffic. You can also set your itinerary by entering your starting point and your destination
    Premium RATP also has a "Geolocation" depending on the device, it displays the information on the area where you are : Nearest stations, map of the area & hellip;
    Paris -Appli it out
    A not stupid app that lets you know how subway train up to be the closest of his correspondence or disposal. Practice this app works without network connection.
    -Appli Transilien SNCF
    The official application of transilien provides real-time information on transit schedules and status traffic island in France. You can also set your itinerary by entering your starting point and your destination
    And applications for the Vélib 'that allow you to know where is the nearest terminal and Availability bikes.
    -Appli Biclooid
    Android -Vélib
    -speed A Velib

    Access to Paris airports.

    To reach Orly by car from Paris, take the A6 via Porte d'Orléans or Porte de Gentilly, take RN7 via Porte d'Italie.
    -By RER, take the RER line B and stop at Anthony, from there take RER (express train).
    -By bus, OrlyVal serves the RER Anthony station and Metro Place Denfert-Rochereau.
    Otherwise, the RATP bus line 183 connects Orly Sud and Porte de Choisy (line 7). Average journey time: 55 minutes. This is the most economical solution for Paris
    Also: -bus 285 Juvisy Station (RER C and D) in Villejuif - Louis Aragon (Metro 7)
    -Bus 292-.. Rungis- Savigny-sur-Orge through terminal Orly South.
    -Bus Noctilien (night bus) line Noctilien N31 connects the gare de Lyon in Juvisy station (RER C and D) through the terminal at Orly South.
    -The Optile line 1 Cars Air France bus network allows you to go to Charles de Gaulle square through the door of Orleans, the Paris station Montparnasse and Les Invalides.
    - the Optile line 3 Cars Air France bus network allows the Orly-Roissy trip
    -The VEA shuttle allows for the direct connection between Orly and Disneyland Paris. . 45 minutes. In order to join Charles de Gaulle by car from Paris take the A1 via Porte de la Chapelle or the A3 at the Porte de Bagnolet.
    -By RER. Line B from the North station serves the airport.
    -By taxi, the ride from the airport to the city center takes about 45 minutes.
    -Bus Cars Air France, to Charles de Gaulle square in 45 minutes and from the station Lyon and Montparnasse train station.
    -Network with RATP Roissybus to the Opera Square in 50 to 60 minutes.
    -Network Noctilien (SNCF), after midnight the bus N143 hand toward the East Railway Station every half hour.
    -Bus VEA Disneyland providing a direct link to Disneyland Paris.

    Car rental in Paris.

    Paris include all major car rental chains (cars, trucks, car, van, motorbike): Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Holidays Auto, Auto Europe, Interent, Easy Rent a car, Rent a because, Ada, Sixt ..
    There are also rental services between individuals: Citizen because Voiturelib ... and rental services with driver, bus, luxury cars, limos .

    Parking in Paris Parking.

    Not really a good idea to use a car in Paris, especially if you've province and you do not have a residence permit for parking. Finding a place is extremely difficult and expensive, if you do not want to pay for parking you will have to leave your car in the suburbs, some free zones exist here and there, and yet they are rare. In Paris itself, there were still a few years ago some free streets, but those days are definitely over.
    Only the weekends and in August there is free parking (not in the streets), also Saturday in the streets with parking meters with yellow pellets.
    The delivery areas can be used between 20h and 7 am Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday and holidays
    to pay there are two payment methods on the Parisian timestamps. prepaid card (Paris map (15 or 40 euro)) or by credit card (only if parking meters Moneo has a logo on it).

    Transport in Paris: Car .

    The traffic is very dense in Paris and frequent traffic jams despite the wide avenues traced by Haussmann, the city of Paris is European champion congestion.
    Paris is surrounded by five device; Boulevard of the Marshals, the ring road, the A86, the Francilienne, and the general workaround.
    -The Paris ring is the most borrowed expressway Europe. 35.04 km along the ring road is largely located on the route of the old fortifications of the city of Paris.
    -The Marshals boulevards are located inside of Paris. This is not a fast track, speed is limited to 50 km, there are crossings and lights.
    -The large bypass Paris.
    A set of roads and highways that avoid the entire Paris region.
    -L'autoroute A86.
    This highway is a complete loop around Paris at a distance of 2 to 7 kilometers away.
    -The Francilienne.
    A set of roads and highways that eventually will do the tour of Paris at a distance of about 20 km.
    the roads and highways of the island of France are equipped with sensors that allow to know the status in real-time traffic . Check the Internet or listening to the radio not to find yourself trapped in a traffic jam.

    Transport in Paris: metro .

    Paris has an underground rail network and air excellent, there are 16 subway lines on which trains travel all day at intervals of a few minutes, from 5am to 0:30 on weekdays and 1:30 am weekends -end. There are currently only fully automated line, line 14, which connects St. Lazard station to the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand.
    In general you can move quickly and easily by subway, take still keeps in peak hours (7-9h / 18h-20h), on line 13, for example it is not uncommon to pass for more than three underground power climb in a ream.
    avoid rush hour lines 1, 4 and 13 and RER a.

    Transport in Paris: RER

    Besides the metro there are five commuter train lines RER A, B, C, D, and E.
    Train travel at intervals of about 6-7 min, a ticket Ticket normal subway can be used in Paris (zone 1), outside the zone 1 tickets are more expensive and their price varies depending on the distance.
    In addition to the RSP, there are a couple of commuter train lines (Transilien) from the main train stations: Gare du Nord, Gare Saint-Lazare, Gare de l'Est, Gare Montparnasse, Gare de Lyon and Austerlitz station.

    Transport in Paris: Tram

    Paris and is also served by tram lines that provide cross sailings suburbs.
    The T1 and T4 line serving the northeast of Paris, between Noisy le Sec and the Gare de Saint-Denis for the T1 line.
    the T2 line serves the south of Paris between Porte d'Ivry and the Garigliano bridge.
    the T3 line serves the west of Paris between the Defense and the station Issy Val de Seine.