All the flavors of Japanese cuisine

Le mont Fuji

Even the least greedy of you will not pass next to the delights of Japanese cuisine. Many specialties as delicious as surprising you expect during your stay in Japan. Of the most famous Japanese restaurants with small snacks scattered across the heart of the city, hundreds of traditional dishes will make your stay a true gastronomic discovery. A chance to sample the delights whose flavors and fragrances remain forever engraved in your memory. Lovers of seafood will love the Tempura, made of fish and shrimp, the famous Sushi with vinegared rice or specialties tuna and squid. Do not miss the Sachimi, fish accompanied by soy sauce.

If you prefer meat, enjoy with Yakitori. chicken skewers and vegetables cooked over a wood fire or enjoy a Shabu-shabu with beef chunks soaked in a delicious sauce.

Enjoy a delicious plate of Japanese noodles which can be accompanied by a refreshing Sake, the famous rice wine. A traditional Japanese product. Know that in Japan, each region has its culinary specialty, Chubu, Kanto, via Okinawa.

During your stay, hang out with the lock-up with his prison cell in decor. The Alcatraz in a hospital theme. The Tiki Polynesian in a Hollywood atmosphere. The Criston Café, the cathedral restaurant or even the Wan Hai with Chinese decor. Wherever you go, you will be dazzled not only by the quality of dishes offered but their flavors and surprising flavors. Ingredients you will certainly not find elsewhere

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