All about Slow Food in France

Founded in 1986 in Italy, Slow Food is a movement of reaction to new consumption modes such as fast food. It is a way of wanting to preserve local and regional cuisine by adopting simple methods and taking care of the environment: plants, seeds, animals ...

Also called "slow food" the slow food movement is now recognized by the United Nations food and agriculture as an international association nonprofit.

in France, the association was founded in 1989 and has about 2000 members. Among the objectives of Slow Food France: the defense of food biodiversity or carry out taste education programs

To begin a journey into the flavors respecting the Slow Food movement it. is quite possible to find adherents restaurants throughout France or farms that grow vegetables while respecting the environment. Adherent guesthouses have also emerged.

You can find the restaurant Le Micocoulier in Sauve. This is a superb little corner in the heart of the medieval village. Everything meets framework, atmosphere and taste of the terroir. It is possible to stand on the terrace, where the shadow gives you a little note refreshing summer days. In winter, the room in shimmering colors seduce you. In this restaurant you can sample cuisine in respect of Slow Food, a Mediterranean cuisine based on fresh, local and seasonal. The menu dresses to suit the season and changes every week. The wine cellar output terroir of Languedoc is also a call to the Slow Food.

A table is also to discover in your tour dedicated to the Slow Food. This is the SEVENIER Yves restaurant. In this restaurant, your plate will be filled as ingredients drawn from the land owner has chosen to cultivate vegetables and fruits without pesticides. This restaurant is the first restaurant BIO Languedoc Roussillon. In the heart of Montpellier you can enjoy regional delicious dishes.