Everything to prepare your travels Vang Vieng

Circuit au Laos


To visit Vang Vieng, you must have a valid passport and visa. The latter can be obtained from the embassies of Laos, before departure, or on site. To have it, it is necessary to have a visa and a recent photo and have about 50 €.


The vigilance is still up because the flights are quite frequent in the town of Vang Vieng. It should, moreover, avoid traveling in areas where there may still be unexploded bombs.

Currency and Budget

The Lao currency is the kip and € 1 is worth about 11,000 kip. Regarding the budget, the expenditure in terms of food and accommodation will be 50 or 60 euros per day per person.


It is not necessary to bring an adapter. However, power outages are frequent enough to Vang Vieng, it is better to carry a flashlight.


For more information, visit you on the tourist office website www.visit-laos. com ) or that of the Embassy of France www.ambafrance-laos.org/ ).