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Circuit, culture et aventure au Pérou


For nationals of the European Union, a passport valid for six months is required to stay there for 2 months. However, tourists can negotiate to stay 3 months or more. They then receive an immigration card they must get to the exit.

Health and Safety

The health concerns are mostly related to food. It is therefore recommended not to consume raw food or ice. There is no compulsory vaccination, but it is important to update the universal vaccines.

Caution is the best weapon to face security problems. It is necessary to pay particular attention to pickpockets. It is even better not to carry valuables or a large sum of money on you.

Currency and Budget

The currency in circulation is the Nuevo Sol and 1 euro worth about 5 Nuevo Sol. For transactions, it is more convenient to pay cash even if the credit cards are generally accepted. By cons, traveler's checks are not recommended because the institutions that accept are rare.


The electric current is 220 volts and a frequency of 60 hertz. This will help if you take the devices.

Good to know

An international license is useful if you want to rent a car. Note that rolls on the right side of the road in Peru.

If necessary, banks are open from 9 am to 18 pm except 30 on Sunday. On Saturday, they close at noon.

The information is available on the website of the Tourist Office ( www.amb-perou.fr ) and the Embassy of France www.ambafrance-pe.org ).