Everything to prepare your travels Krabi

Chiang Mai

The documents needed for a trip to Krabi have a visa and a passport valid for more than 6 months if the stay lasts several months.

Health and safety

There are no mandatory vaccinations, but those against tetanus, typhoid fever, Japanese encephalitis, diphtheria, viral hepatitis a and B and poliomyelitis are strongly recommended. < p> currency and budget

in Krabi, the currency is the baht (THB) and 40 THB worth about € 1. Banks and exchange offices are usually open all week to 21 hours. Regarding the budget, it is advisable to provide at least 75 € for accommodation.

Good to know for a successful stay

In Krabi, the most used language is Thai but it is also possible to communicate in English. Moreover, the most popular tourist activity is climbing. For more information, visit the Tourist Office: www.tourismethaifr. com .