Everything to prepare your travels Kalogria


Citizens of EU member countries need an identity card or passport for a stay not exceeding 6 months. For Swiss and Canadians, a valid passport is sufficient for less than 90 days. However, people who have traveled to the Turkish part of northern Cyprus are prohibited to stay in Kalogria.

Health and Safety

No health risks are to be reported, but in case of more or less serious problem, it is advisable to go to hospitals in Athens.

in terms of security, it is advisable to be careful, especially when faced with kamaki, dredgers tourists and taxi drivers who sometimes do not call the counter.


the currency used for transactions in euros. For foreign exchange, it is better to choose banks as their commission is lower. It is recommended to tourists to avoid foreign exchange from the tourist office who charge very high commission compared to banks and exchange offices.

Good to know

emergency numbers are 166 for an ambulance and 1016 for SOS doctors.


Several useful information are available on the Embassy website France in Greece www.ambafrance-gr.org/.