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The documents needed for a trip to Chicago for a visa and biometric or optical passport issued from 2006. For a stay not exceeding 3 months only to an electronic passport french.

health and safety

on health, the risks are minimal and no vaccination is required, but as with any trip, it is best to take out health insurance. For those who have particular health problems, they are advised to take their prescription and medication.

In terms of safety, caution and have no problem if loss of important documents, it is best to make photocopies before departure. This will facilitate administrative procedures for renewal.


In Chicago, the alternating current voltage of 120 volts and a frequency of 60 Hz. In some buildings the current is between 120 to 240 volts. An adapter is useful.

Currency and Budget

The currency is the dollar and the price is now approximately € 0.70 for $ 1. The expenses for catering, accommodation and travel is on average $ 125 per day per person.


You can find more information on the site official of the office of tourism Chicago explorechicago.org.