All the football club Paris, Paris Saint Germain


incorrigible lover of football, you've been meaning to join PSG, one of the biggest clubs in Paris if French football? But still have to already know a little more about the team, its values, its historical games, but also its key elements. Find below all the vital information about your best football club.

The creation of the club

Founded in 1970 according to the official version, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG or Paris SG) is the fruit of the association of twenty thousand Parisians sports. Headquartered in Paris, the organization born from the merger of the club Stade Saint-Germain with the Paris Football Club which then becomes independent in 1972 playing in the first division since 1974, PSG is probably the most valiant French club but also the most expensive in the league 1 championship.

The winners of the football club

Since entering the first division, the Parisian club has won several titles and awards in the world of French and international football, five league titles in France (1986, 1994, 2013, 2014 and 2015), nine titles Cups France, five titles League Cups, five champions Trophies and a couple of European winners' Cup (1996). Since its presence in the first division, PSG has always evolved seamlessly among his rivals and despite his young life, he proudly ranks third French rank according to the ranking of football clubs of the twentieth century, according to the IFFHS. Its unique triple Championship - Cup France - League Cup also earned him this honor widely .

The stadium club: Parc des Princes

Since July 1974, the PSG is housed at the Parc des Princes, which becomes the main stadium of the club. Used for the first time by PSG in 1973, the stadium also hosted the Paris FC between 1978 and 1979, and the Matra Racing between 1984 and 1990. Moreover, the French national football team was also used to creating the Stade de France in 1998. the stadium Parc des Princes can accommodate up to 47,428 seats.

The club's symbols

The visual identity of the PSG has evolved considerably since its inception in 1970. However, the colors of the jersey still retain traces of the merger of the Paris Football Club, represented by the image of the Eiffel Tower, and Stade Saint -Germain represented by the lily.