Road trip in Iceland


n & deg Road; 1 goes around the island and connects areas that were previously isolated by volcanic topography of the island. More than just a road, n & deg; 1 has one of the symbols So when the eruption of Grimsvotn destroyed in part by pouring a fury of. water and sand on the southern plain, repair becomes a national undisputed priority.

coastal path to the fjords of eastern

around Iceland by car is now easily, as evidenced by the growing interest of tourists off the beaten path that are Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss and Geysir. Whether you have planned a week or fifteen days on the island, you can easily adapt your program and enjoy other wonders such as Myvatn, the Sandars, Hofn and fjords of the East or the small northern capital of Akureyri peninsulas west.


As a quadrilateral, Iceland is divided into four regions keyed to the cardinal points. The island tour can be done in one or other direction, starting from Reykjavík . In both cases, the center of the island, inside, is hostile and inaccessible for a neophyte driving on track, even with a four-wheel drive vehicle.

The south, the golden circle and Sandars

So we leave for an essential introduction to the Golden Circle . The historic site of & THORN; ingvellir where was held the first Icelandic parliament in 930, in a natural theater formed in the place of the tectonic rift that runs through the island. The same fracture will take you to Geysir (the place gave birth to the word geyser) and the impressive waterfall Gullfoss .

Icelandic horses on the road between & THORN; ingvellir and Geysir

You then push on towards the coast to Vik , while the south, bypassing the famous Eyjafjallajokull glacier which caused so many disruptions airline in 2010. The road you then leads through huge sands plains Sandars , caused by under ice volcanoes during their eruptions cover the entire region sandy silt. The stops at Skaftafell National Park , and farther on the edge of Jokulsarlon to see icebergs, are unavoidable.

The front of the Vatnajokull glacier falling into the Jokuls & aacute; rl & oacute; n, easily visible from the road.

The east and fjords

The eastern fjords, here tips Lambafell seen from the road.

The small port of Hofn is the entry point to the region of the eastern fjords. We are here to almost 500km of Reykjavik . Residents of small fishing villages that crosses subsequently not made themselves very rarely in the capital before the 1970 period that was over the southern section of the road.

F & aacute; skr & uacute; & eth; sfjor & eth; where the heart Street names are in French, in memory of the village's history.

It makes many capes and bays to reach the village of F & aacute; skr & uacute; & eth; sfjor & eth; heart , which developed in the late nineteenth century thanks to the presence of French fishermen from campaign on the high Icelandic capital. The small restaurant Café Sumarl & iacute; na the entrance to the village will be the occasion of a culinary and cultural break, you will tell that you are also French, before continuing the journey north and the city of Egilssta & eth; ir . It plays the role of regional capital. It was also built from scratch after World War II at the request of neighboring villages who felt the need for opening up the region. The city straddles the & oacute Lagarflj River; t , beyond which begins north ...

The north Myvatn and Akureyri

Once Myvatn, it is impossible not pause municipal baths. Heated to 37 & deg; C geothermal, quieter than the famous Blue Lagoon, the view they offer on Lake Myvatn and framework are unmatched .

If you want a place to stop for a few days, call Myvatn . Concentrate Iceland in miniature, the Myvatn area is both one of the most volcanic areas of the island and a haven for bird passage population. It is also the least rainy region of Iceland, as protected by the huge Vatnajokull , further south, stop the disturbances from the Atlantic Ocean.

You will then have time to some walks between smokes and basalt reliefs, walk or snowshoe on the lake, on the slopes of the many small craters that dot the surrounding area, as suggested by the story of a stay in Myvatn achieved with this agency hiking in Iceland .

The Eymundsson cafe in the center of Akureyri also serves as a library, or vice versa.

The road continues to Akureyri, the northern capital. You will be surprised by the calm and serenity of this small town placed at the bottom of Eyjafjor & eth; heart , one of the longest fjords in Iceland. With a drink in Eymundsson , you will also understand the importance of literature in this country with the largest number of bookstores per capita in the world. We must occupy the long winter nights.

Take advantage of your presence in the north to a detour to Lauf & aacute; s on the other side of the Fjord . You'll find a few traditional houses built of dry peat timber default, rare on the island. The Museum of Laufas also has an interesting historical reconstruction of housing and equipment of the Icelandic heritage.

traditional Icelandic house Lauf & aacute; s in Eyjafjor & eth; ur.

Back westward

Our journey coming to an end when we leave Akureyri. The route is more direct, and also more popular because from now on, it connects the two largest cities. We will not have the opportunity to visit the northwest lands, essentially eccentric; but do not ignore Peninsula Sn & aelig; fellsnes, where a throne of the most famous volcanoes in the literature. In Journey to the Center of the Earth Jules Verne is the top of the Sn & aelig volcano fellsjokull as the beginning of his adventure .

The port of Stykkish & oacute; lmur in the west. On the horizon, the mountains of the Snaefellsnes peninsula.

The last step before completing the trip, the small town of Stykkish & oacute; lmur is a nice option for sightseeing. The coasts to Reykjavík and the broad fertile and protected coves such as Hvalfjor & eth; heart were chosen by the first settlers from Norway, often banned elsewhere. Strolling in the region and a great way to put a landscape on the stories ( saga The word is of Icelandic origin ) you have read and that will make you want to start you on a roadtrip in Iceland.

The road is blasted by snow and wind. In few kilometers, Reykjavik.