Toulouse: The events not to be missed in the pink city in December


The city of Toulouse has always been rich program of artistic and cultural events and the month of December is no exception to the rule: on the contrary. We offer you a list of events not to be missed in the city rose during the magical and sweet Christmas period.

1. The thirst for life

The theater wire Lead enchants you with its poetic and funny family tale, touching and epic through the story of little Gaspard who lives in a city where the water disappeared to make room for a sweet drink. Gaspard then leave in search of water. This show leading and fairy take you on an incredible world. Gaspard See the December 2 to 19 every Wednesday and Saturday at 15:30.

2. Christmas enchanted Christmas tales and puppet shows at your merchants

Go in search of different storytellers, musicians, puppeteers ... At your merchants and through all neighborhoods and suburbs of the pink city. Children from 3 to 12 years will undoubtedly appreciate these sweet surprises, puppet shows, these tales, the music of Christmas ... A snack will close these tales and Christmas shows that will be held in Toulouse from 5 to 19 December.

3. Aperitif spectacle succeed his failures in love

The theater invites you big round of 8 to 12 December the shows of Dalele aperitifs and musicians who approach the universal theme of love and its disappointments. Making use without moderation humor and poetry, all spectators will be able to identify with the more or less personal lighting. Spectators like artists find or attempt to find success in failure in love.

4. Maitre Gims

On December 10 at Zenith de Toulouse will perform rapper, producer, designer, businessman: Maitre Gims. The artist will offer you an unforgettable evening during which you will have fun, you will cry, sing, can dance, laugh ... Maitre Gims transmit its supercharged energy and his talent to make you spend a sensational evening.

5. The Phantom of the Opera.

From December 12 to 30, at the stopover come relive the atmosphere of Paris in 1910 at the Paris Opera where the ghost rampant and spread terror. Find an eccentric diva, a jealous lover, a strange investigator, a concierge, a machinist hanged .... and go in search of the Phantom of the Opera