Top Christmas songs

Every child has learned at school or with his family, one or more Christmas songs that celebrate the birth of the child Jesus and the arrival of Santa Claus. In the evening, around the glittering tree, he sings these songs with fervor, and then goes to sleep quietly.

O Christmas Tree .

The king of the forest is the first guest to the festivities. It is eagerly awaited by the family, which clings to the branches, wreaths, balls and small subjects to give it the traditional splendor, waiting for the gifts.

Jingle Bells.

The winter wind blows and stirs the branches of fir trees that will be cut and chew out to wait for Christmas. This is also the time to make snowballs and sing Merry Christmas.

Petit Papa Noel .

This song has become a must and was picked up by many singers. Children sing as soon as they are able to learn. He announced the arrival of the Bonhomme Noel and his sleigh with presents for all ages.

Midnight Christian .

At midnight traditionally expected mass distribution gifts. But it is also time for the Midnight Mass, followed by Christians in several parishes. Everyone pray and thank God for this day full of promise.

He was born Divine Child .

The child Jesus was born, and assistants celebrate its advent with songs and musical instruments. Between the ox and ass, it rests in a cradle full of straw in the center of the nursery, his parents beside him.

The Little Red Nose Reindeer .

In the moor, little red nosed reindeer was chosen by Santa Claus to pull his sleigh, and the other reindeer make fun of him and his red nose like a snuff. The wind in the night, often still talking about him ...

Silent Night .

The mystery is announced, with the child Jesus asleep on the hay. Everyone sings Glory to Heaven, to God and peace to the world.

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus .

A small child says he pretended to sleep and saw her mom kissing Santa Claus. When he saw his gifts, he promised to start next year for even more gifts.

Three angels came tonight.

In the morning, children are under the tree to see the toys brought by Santa Claus. They are the Magi who came to see the baby Jesus with arms full of gifts.

Noel White .

Each person has in him the memories of Christmas past in family celebrations. They are similar to the winters and snow, games, but also with nostalgia, with the presence and the love of his mother.