Top 5 Nice nightclubs


The city of Nice is not an exception to the other cities of the Riviera: it contains nightclubs with warm atmosphere and manic, in a festive and trendy. Most Nice nightclubs are clustered in the city center. We've put together the top 5 Nice nightclubs for you to enjoy unforgettable nights.

1. The star

This is the nightclub inevitable in Nice. It promises unforgettable and extremely festive evenings. The atmosphere is highly charged and thanks to various DJ recognized worldwide that follow it. The dresscode is chic and trendy and this allows us to offer this temple of the festival, a select clientele.

2. The Gues't

It is one of the most famous nightclubs in Nice. Atypical decoration, warm and quirky atmosphere, the resident DJs make this place, the crossroads of the largest design festivals niçoises.La is neo-Baroque inspiration and therefore provides a more friendly atmosphere than other boxes classic. This nightclub has three rooms, each one with a bar, a VIP lounge and a DJ. Three dining atmospheres and all in a particular class and friendly environment.

3. The Pink Room.

This nightclub is renowned for its atmosphere and its glamorous and sexy design. The atmosphere is at once sensual and highly charged and DJs show up to the venue. Whether you are with friends or with your Dulciné (e): This location will house your most beautiful evenings. Walk into this box belonging to one of the trendiest of the French Riviera.

4. Panthera

This nightclub offers several musical styles: House / Club / Dance or GNI / Zouk: there is something for everyone. The music is current and mixed to perfection thanks to the incredible performance and resident DJ.

5. Annex / Square.

This nightclub is divided into two spaces. Annex welcomes young adults from 18 years while the square is reserved for guests over 30 years. The latter proposes to broadcast the hits of the last 30 years as to the schedule, you will enjoy the biggest sounds of the moment. You will enjoy, in Annex / square terraces heated but also and especially a track on the sea.