Top 5 nightclubs in Montpellier

Like any city in the South of France respecting, Montpellier offers countless places to party. This city is relatively large, our top 5 will direct you as to the ideal place for you to party with dignity and remember all your life to your crazy nights in Montpellier.

1. The Pulp

The pulp is recognized as the place to be in Montpellier including and especially with the fact that it is an open air club. Many and varied musical programs are organized to satisfy every customer fairly eclectic. The impeccable service, the fantastic setting of this club will shelter your best parties.

2. Red House

The red villa broadcasts a house music and electro. This club has hosted some very big names in electronic music and through its ability to adapt to clients with different generations, all attracted by this nightclub: this Nightclub ensures you an unforgettable evening.

3. Eight

The interior of the nightclub will remind you to enter a swimming pool. The welcome is very warm, hospitable barmen prepare delicious cocktails, the general music satisfies all clients, as well as the many theme nights are organized.

4. The oxymoron

This bar / club techno trend attracts crowds of customers more different and good spirit as each other. The servers offer a warm, very human and share with you the wild dances.

5. Dune

This is certainly the legendary club Montpellier. A clientele of young adults flock to it with pleasure with the decoration of the elegant, minimalist place, many bars, a VIP area overlooking the dancefloor but also thanks to the DJ in the center of the room that ensures a memorable evening .