Top 5 nightclubs in Bordeaux. Out in one of the five best night clubs Bordeaux.


Bordeaux is certainly one of the French cities most populous of students and where night life is second nature. Choosing a nightclub over another can be so difficult. That's why we offer you our top 5 nightclubs Bordeaux

  1. The Light Club

    Hot spot of the Bordeaux nights, light club welcomes you in a spacious (capacity 1,300), where every customer can enjoy its square. We like the clientele that includes only persons over 20 years, dj particularly attentive to customer needs and maximum security is granted.

    2. LUSI KLUB

    This nightclub in the Franco-Portuguese festive offers you the possibility to organize unforgettable evenings to theme or not. The many djs resident LUSI KLUB will be at your disposal to offer you a memorable evening.

    3. The DREAM KLUB

    The Dream Klub is the night club you need if you want to listen to R & B, Dancehall and Hip Hop. The clientele is eclectic. The atmosphere is warm and differs from the more bohemian clubs. A smoking room is located on the mezzanine. A place quite trendy and festive.

    4. Monsignor

    This club shines miles and fires and for good reason! The décor has been redone. The music is general but mainly you can enjoy legendary music of the 1980s or even the 1960s and 1970s, of frenzied rock rhythms, funk .... and all the revelers who do not want to bother find it. The furniture is very comfortable and beautiful.

    5. Pachanga

    Pachanga include hot music came straight from the overseas territories. The atmosphere is warm, exotic cocktails are delicious and the DJs have the knack to make you dance all night. In this nightclub, nobody takes the lead and does not gauge from top to bottom.