Top 20 vegetarian culinary specialties

If you are vegetarian, be aware that there are many meatless dishes that you can taste to delight your taste buds but also to some very interesting and tasty culinary discoveries. Here are the top 20 vegetarian specialties you can taste in a restaurant or making them yourself.

soup châ taigne and pumpkin

For autumn evenings or winter, the chestnut soup and pumpkin is a real treat. With its subtle blend of sweet / salty, your taste buds will love, without forgetting the good creamy texture to warm the body.

The soup crusted mushrooms

This soup with mushrooms is very subtle and tasty? Presented in a puff pastry crust, you'll have everything you need for you to feast without meat and to please your palate.

The lawyer grated Parmesan

Tasty and delicious, this dish is a perfect entry to get into his mouth with his coat lightly browned parmesan and fresh ripe avocado that preference is selected for more smoothness.

The stuffed mushrooms

This dish comes with big Paris mushrooms that farce is filled with fresh parsley, shallot, but also grated Parmesan cheese to taste very delicious and fragrant mouth.

blank Asparagus

The blank Asparagus is a great vegetarian specialty because very nutritious and light. With its base of cream and eggs, its asparagus, all is a very refined and tasty dish.

The pie with zucchini and goat

If you like cheese, this savory pie will seduce you with its puff pastry topped with thin slices of zucchini and fresh goat pieces that are slowly cooked in the oven for a more intensive result.

zucchini terrine with mint

Light and creamy, zucchini terrine is a vegetarian dish very fragrant with mint leaves that bring a fresh taste in the mouth. This dish can be accompanied by a crisp salad.

The vegetarian cake with spices

Ideal to be shared with others, the cake is vegetarian with curry, curry and grated Emmental cheese for a little spicy note coming up everything. Serve with a mixed salad for a balanced meal.

potato patties

potato patties are part of vegetarian specialties that are found in many restaurants. Hardly fries are a treat with a creamy mushroom sauce that poured gently over.

The lasagna with tofu

To replace meat and taste, tofu is a perfect food. tofu lasagna is a dish of great finesse and as good as the real lasagna with minced meat. Discover it now.

Quinoa Tabbouleh and fennel

This tabbouleh is a very fresh and tasty with its entry semolina Quinoa and pieces of crunchy fennel. We add a few leaves of lamb's lettuce and tomato slices for u entry rich flavors.

leek pie

This leek pie presents with broken or puff pastry that is leek pieces garnishes income slightly in olive oil. It is possible to add pickled onions for extra flavor.

The vegetarian couscous

Couscous can also be in a vegetarian version with raisins, chickpeas, chunks of zucchini, carrots and a savory broth that can even spice or spice.

Provencal dish of peppers and zucchini

Provencal dish is rich in Mediterranean flavors with red peppers, zucchini his pieces and herbs. It is eaten cold as input along with a good crisp salad.

The pasta gratin with cheese

For food lovers who want to enjoy a complete meal, the pasta gratin with cheese is a reference vegetarian. A basic penne rigate and Emmental, this gratin be eaten hot and a number for a moment of usability.

The chickpea salad with curry

If you like spicy food, this salad worse chickpea curry will delight your taste buds. Decorated with mint leaves and a few slices of country bread, this salad is excellent.

The vegetarian quiche

The vegetarian quiche consisted of pieces zucchini, eggplant pieces, but also to carrots and pieces of a broken pulp that can be achieved without gluten. It goes perfectly with a small salad.

eggplant Italian

A basic tomato sauce and melted cheese, the eggplant gratin baked bring in mouth a real treat and great flavors. Only seasoned with olive oil and a few sprigs of thyme, these eggplants are a balanced meal.

Vegetarian raclette

Vegetarians also have the right to their raclette with only vegetables and melted cheese. Just do according to his desires (mushrooms, carrots, potatoes) to delight your taste buds and share a moment of conviviality.

The cheese omelette

Very simple and quick to perform, the cheese omelette is a vegetarian specialty also popular non-vegetarian. To you to decorate according to your desires with molten Emmental or Cheddar. You can even mix several cheeses for even more greed.