Top 20 culinary specialties Thailand

La Thailande

Thailand is a country frequently visited by tourists for its beauty and its wealth. But Thailand is also renowned for its refined and very tasty food. There are indeed many meat and fish dishes that visitors really appreciate for their originality and presentation.

The Tom Yam Kung

Traditional dish of Thailand, the Tom Yam Kung is a sweet and sour soup that is served hot and with shrimp but also spices. It has a very special red color that made it famous.

The Tom Ka Gay

The Tom Ka Gay is also a Thai soup that subtly blend coconut milk with lemongrass, chili, chicken and lime. This dish offers exotic flavors in exceptional mouth.

Som Tam

Flat prepared the basis for poor families, the Som Tam is a spicy dish that accommodates vegetable pieces, soy strips, coriander leaves for a very fragrant result.

Pat Thai

This dish consists of fried rice noodles in a wok and that is accompanied with fresh shrimp, eggs and numerous sprouts. The whole course very spicy and fragrant. This is a traditional dish that is found throughout Thailand.

The Gay Man Kao

Composed of chicken breast pieces accompanied by a tasty fragrant rice, Kao Man Gay is eaten with soy sauce with ginger, chilli and garlic. A tasty dish and very fragrant that is found in all restaurants.

Yam Tua Plu

This spicy salad that can be prepared in various ways is a specialty of Thailand. We can prepare it with seafood or chicken pieces, but also with raw tuna slices. It is seasoned with garlicky sauce and slices of hard boiled eggs.

Pla Krapong Tot Nam Pla

Behind this name hides a dish of fried fish fillets and rice that is seasoned with fish sauce. This dish is very refined and is commonly found on luxury cruise ships.


A native of Laos, the Laap is a beef-based specialty or fish that is served with a spicy sauce and sticky white rice. This is a very popular dish in Thailand and often appeals to tourists.

The chicken curry sauce and coconut milk

Typical dish of Thailand, the chicken curry with coconut sauce is a spicy specialty made with green curry. This dish combines the subtly sweet coconut with spicy flavor of green curry. It is a specialty to taste absolutely during a trip.

Jen ta Fo

Jen ta Fo is a noodle dish that is mixed with red tofu sauce. The result is surprising and should not be afraid to try unusual flavors. It is possible to accompany this Jen ta Fo with grilled meat or fish.

The Tiger crying

Behind this particular name and does not specifically gives desire, hides a spicy beef dish cut into thin strips and is often accompanied with fried noodles or rice.

Kuai tiao phat siiu

This dish is based Thai fried noodles that are embellished with thinly sliced ​​pieces of meat, but also boiled eggs and vegetables that we brought back in a wok. It is a very rich and tasty specialty.

Khong Waan

Thailand also has some desserts to be discovered to fill flavors. The Khong Waan is glutinous rice that accompanies the tasty treats like mango chunks. But it is possible to use other fruits to make ever more exotic flavors.

Angus beef with the hot sauce

The Angus beef is a popular meat in Thailand for its tenderness and flavor. It is served with a spicy hot sauce and sticky rice or fried noodles.

bluefin tuna tartare and sesame

If you like fish, you'll love this tartar bluefin tuna that is rolled in sesame seeds and a sweet and sour sauce. This is a refined dish and of high quality.

The spicy chicken with coconut milk

This dish is typical of Thailand and you will love this subtle blend of spicy and sweet. It is well marinated chicken served with plain rice.

The kebabs Thailandaises

To fill of exotic flavors, Thailandaises skewers are a great benchmark for pieces of beef slowly marinated in chili and spicy sauce.

The Thai soup black Location

The Black Place is a fish appreciated by the Thais as fine and tasty. It is found in small pieces in a Thai soup with rice noodles and a broth flavored.

Thai Wok

This dish is exclusively made with vegetables that are blown in a wok with a little fat. We add coriander leaves for very fragrant flavors.

The soup and coconut shrimp

This soup is made from coconut milk that is served hot with small shrimp peeled and perfumed with coriander leaves.