Top 20 Swiss specialties


If Switzerland is famous for its watches, it is equally so for its outstanding cuisine. Gourmets will find each their share of happiness in this culinary paradise. Discover immediately the delights which the Swiss hold the secret.


Lindt, Tobler, Cailler & hellip; these are global brands that have emerged in Switzerland. , Made with Criollo (cocoa grown in Latin America) or FORESTERO (found mainly in West Africa), various Swiss chocolates are simply delicious.

The rosti

In terms of Zurich, the recipe is prepared with raw potatoes. However, they are cooked by the Oberland. In all cases, the preparation of rosti includes cheese, garlic and onions, sometimes bacon. Variants of this potato pancake are many.

Cheese fondue

Gruyere of used or other hard cheese is melted with white wine then. The melt is provided in a pot placed on a candle or hotplate in order to maintain heat. Dip your piece of bread and enjoy.

The charcuterie

There are several varieties: longeole Geneva, Basel of the ball, the Waldensian sausage, dried meat Valais & hellip; These meats are sometimes eaten natures, sometimes incorporated in hot or cold dishes.

bicher muesli

This is an attractive recipe from Swiss German. Cereal (usually oatmeal) are mixed with fresh seasonal fruit and dried fruit and in milk or yogurt. to eat as a snack or dessert. Some prefer to taste the breakfast.


dough spread with salt, it does exist. As proof, the Cenovis is made of yeast, water, onions, carrots and salt. Since 1931, Swiss tartinent in their bread or use it to prepare sauces.

hotpot Valais

The stew is prepared here with salted and smoked bacon. It adds turnips, leeks, a little cabbage and potatoes. to enjoy smoking or otherwise, warm.

The crust cheese

bread slices are first soaked in white wine before being covered with tomatoes and cheese. The ham is sometimes added to the preparation. This recipe will enjoy hot in the baking dish that clears with a slice of bread rubbed with garlic.


The recipe is made of beef rubbed with spices and salt before being dried in the open air for several months. It is protected by an IGP that guarantees its quality. to sample into thin slices, alone or accompanying a squeegee.

The molten half-half

It is prepared in the same way that the traditional cheese fondue but requires two types of cheese: Gruyere and Vacherin Friborg. then quenched there potatoes or bread. This dish is accompanied by white wine.

Basler & L auml; ckerli

This is the gingerbread cousin almond mixture, honey and candied fruit. The resulting cookie is cut into square pieces before being frozen.


This Waldensian signature dish is actually a cheese donut. The salty cheese is coated in a batter. The preparation is then cooked in butter.

Pear Bread

This is a crisp. The stuffing is made of previously cooked in red wine pears, dates, a mixture of nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, prunes and figs.

Zuger Kirschtorte

This typical pie of Zug is only obtained after a long preparation. A sponge soaked in Kirsch biscuit is inserted between two discs. Everything is intermingled with the buttercream. Once cooked, ice sugar poured on top, forming diamond shapes. It's really artistic!

The pie to Engadine nut

cream, honey and nuts are delicately coated with a pastry. This is an iconic recipe Graubünden although it has its roots in the South.


There is talk of a brioche pudding and saffron. It is eaten throughout the year, with a peak in autumn, for the feast of Bénichon. It is then eaten with mustard Bénichon.

The pie cooked wine

The Swiss cooked wine is a viscous product obtained from a fruit syrup (apple or pear, in general). The pie is not prepared from boiled wine as we imagine. Besides, grapes between rarely considered in the development of cooked Swiss wine.

Mustard Bénichon

Some define this preparation as a spice jam, which is not quite true. This is actually a mix of mustard flour, cooked wine, water, sugar candy and flour flower. Everything is flavored with anise, cinnamon and cloves.

Cheesecake fashionable Obwalden

This is a kind of quiche made with this dough topped with grated Emmental and Sbrinz cheese, cream, milk, nutmeg and pepper. It is eaten alone or with a salad.

Damassine AOC-PDO

This is a water spirits prepared with Damascene, a variety of plum which is grown in the Ajoie. The alcohol content being 42% by volume, better enjoy the moderation.