Top 20 culinary specialties in Provence

Provence is a land of traditions and culinary wonders. Dishes full of sun and flavors, Provençal specialties are known worldwide, and for good reason, they are excellent and offer a treat to taste buds.


emblematic dish of Provence, bouillabaisse can be eaten in the best restaurants but also in private homes. This rock fish-based dish and potato slices can be eaten with croutons or slices of bread covered with rust.

The Aioli

Other flagship dish of Provence the Aioli is a delicious mayonnaise mixture made) with olive oil and mayonnaise in which to dip vegetables and fish pieces. It is a complete and very flavourful dish.

Soup with Pesto

We can not go in Provence without tasting the famous Soup with Pesto full of sunny flavors. This vegetable soup is raised by a tasty sauce with basil and garlic.


colorful and appetizing dish, ratatouille is found on all the tables of Provence with this delicious blends of summer vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini or eggplant. A friendly dish that is eaten with fresh bread.


Who says Provence said automatically olives and tapenade. A tasty mashed black or green olives and decorated with garlic that has just spread on croutons for a great aperitif. It can also come to provide additional taste in a salad, for example.


is a Tian Provencale specialty is in the form of blank very smooth vegetables that is cooked in a clay pot and which comprises a complete meal.

The salad Niçoise

To fill of freshness and well-being, Niçoise salad is what we find in all the best restaurants in Nice and its surroundings. It comes embellished series, boiled eggs, tomatoes, green beans, especially black olives and olive oil.

The Provençal stew

The Provençal stew is a dish very rich and flavorful sauce that on winter evenings we enjoyed sharing a friendly moment. She performs with good chunks of beef marinated and cooked in red wine that is usually accompanied with fresh pasta.

The anchovy

The anchovy is what is used mostly as an aperitif for a set light and fresh mouth. This is actually an anchovy cream in which to dip pieces of raw vegetables like carrots or cauliflower, mushrooms and celeriac.


A typical Provençal name to denote a kind of yarrow-based omelettes of different vegetables and herbs that is eaten preferably cold.

Barigoule vegetables

exclusively prepared with winter vegetables including artichoke dish that is usually accompanied with a tasty veal fillet and tender.

Tomatoes Provencal

tomato lovers will love this specialty tomato that can tote meat-based stuffing sausage or ground meat, egg itself composed and herbs. The au gratin dish and it gives a very economical and convivial meal, filled with colors and flavors.


The bouillabaisse is a typical dish from Provence that strongly resembles the bouillabaisse but is prepared with white fish and that it is most often used with Aioli.


Known Provençal caviar, the bottarga is an exceptional puts in Provence for its taste and finesse. This specialty is produced with eggs salted and dried mullet and presented in the form of sausage. We cut thin slices that is eaten with bread.

The Camargue rice

The Camargue is a region of Provence famous for its tasty wild rice and cultivated for centuries. He accompanies many dishes in sauce or even meat and fish.


In terms of biscuits and treats, the shuttle is the specialty Provencal par excellence. This biscuit has the distinction of being flavored with anise or orange blossom and looks like a small boat, ideal to enjoy crunching it.


Specialty of the city of Aix-en-Provence who produced for centuries, the marzipan is a very refined gluttony fruit dough and egg white. Not to mention its mix of honey and almond paste for flavor sensational mouth.

Candied fruits

Known in the town of Apt specifically, candied fruit are a real treat that can be enjoyed plain or accompanying a cake as a cake of kings, for example.

The oil pump

Served on Christmas Eve for the thirteen desserts, the oil pump is a delicious focaccia we nibble with pleasure at any time. It is also possible to vary the pleasures and taste with chocolate or with dried fruit.

panisses Marseille

You can not visit Marseille without tasting delicious panisses. These small pancakes with chickpea flour are just returned in an oiled pan barely. These are perfect panisses accompanied by a small fresh salad or to accompany meat.