Top 20 culinary specialties in Italy


Italy is the land of pasta, of course. Yet summarize the simple pasta shells with butter, it's shaming Italian cuisine is much richer than that. Greedy tower specialties that make you book a weekend in Italy without delay.


breadstick is an elongated dry bread breakfast that makes pretty much the size of a pen. It is sometimes sprinkled with sesame seeds and is used in appetizers, alone or accompanied.

The Burrata

You probably know mozzarella burrata but you know? This is quite similar but in XXL cheese and especially with more taste. This is the kind of cheese nibble just for fun let alone its culinary possibilities.

The charcuterie

Let it be said, the deli is not a French specialty Italian but when talking salami, bresaola and coppa yet.

The bruschetta

The bruschetta is increasingly often proposed bistros menu a bit chic. It is simple to prepare but when there are only good ingredients, it's irresistible. The sandwich consists of bread rubbed with garlic, fresh tomatoes, Italian sausages and a drizzle of olive oil.

The antipasti

Under this generic term actually hides a set of small dishes served together on a tray. They form a set of appetizers rather refined on vegetables, meats and cheese in various types of preparation.

escalope Milanese

A real specialty of Milan, the Milanese cutlet comes in many ways. Veal, chicken or turkey meat, and add breadcrumbs mixed with butter or olive oil. In all its variants, the Milanese cutlet is not used with pasta.

The risotto

The preparation of risotto is a real science to bring his basis, its sticky side and taste. But it is also true popular culinary specialty that is found in all restaurants. To discover absolutely. It is served with many dishes.


For a pizza or Italian it is necessary that its dough is thin. Then it is the delight of pizza, you can decline it how you wish.

The white truffle

Sometimes more to rich as the flavor is added tiny slices of black truffles in French gastronomy. The Italian prefers white which is basking in the same glory. A must for high-end gastronomy.


Yes, the pasta are part of Italian gastronomic culture. They come in many forms that are chosen based on the type of sauce with which we want to accompany her plate. Controlled firing at once near and pasta become a memorable dish.

The carpaccio

The carpaccio is a recent culinary creation since it dates back to the 50. These pieces of meat cut in the form of very thin slices and presented with a drizzle of olive oil. Perfect for raw meat lovers, we must see the carpaccio as a starter rather than a main course.

The lasagna

The lasagne is a typical Italian dish which is to stack different filling layers separated by sheets of lasagne. You can serve lasagna from different meats or vegetables. But lasagna, made with cream or béchamel? Dilemma never solved.

The tiramisu

A dessert that takes you up is the translation of his name. Indeed, its lightness and taste make a tasty and popular dessert.

Panna cotta

The panna cotta is a dessert consisting of a custard cream and decorated with berries. Become traditional, this dessert is found today served in many variations all over hungry as each other.


pannetone is a brioche of fifteen centimeters high. It differs from traditional French versions with its reasons and other dried fruits that are found in it. Traditional Dessert, pannetone is now associated with Christmas celebrations and is found all over the world.

Polenta Cake

Polenta is a cornmeal which is not used much in France but is very common in other European countries like Italy. It is used in particular to make good cakes that are gluten free.


The Chianti is an Italian wine from Tuscany in particular, who has been promoted. Former table wine, it now offers very good bottles at affordable prices. What perfectly complement pasta. Internationally, the Chianti is only the tip of the iceberg, known as Italy produces wine in similar proportions to France.

The Prosecco

The Italians do not produce champagne but have a large range of sparkling wines. The Processo, a sparkling white is the best known of them. We also like Lambrusco, a sparkling red wine. The first sip is a surprise but the second was not long coming.


The Limoncello is a liqueur made from lemon, a common fruit in Italy. Traditionally, only the Naples area is a real Limoncello found everywhere today.


Cappucino, Espresso, if these terms are Italian it is because coffee is an Italian specialty. Italy was the first to import and develop its use to make a real taste science.