Top 20 South West of France specialties

South West pays gourmet chronic. This area is renowned for its rich and tasty dishes from cheese to charcuterie, through cakes and desserts. Immediately the top 20, just to whet your mouth.

foie gras

This is undeniably the king of the party tables. Whether raw or half-cooked, baked or fried, this delicacy prized throughout the planet is one of the finest French culinary riches South West.

The Bayonne ham

Recognizable by its flesh of a very dark red, it is from the Adour basin. Its success is inexhaustible since the twelfth century. It is widely used in the entries that this tasty ham is eaten cold.


This meat net is sometimes used in thin slices, dried or cooked grill. It is found also smoked but most of the time, sometimes even rare or pink pleasantly on the tables. to enjoy with a good glass of red.

block potato

potatoes cut into strips, a little garlic or shallot, pepper, parsley and a good dose of cream garnish a Bun. Result: a beautiful pie that is enjoyed as a main dish or input. It is ideal with salad.


In this part of the Hexagon, the beans are traditionally made cooked in a clay pot. What does that enhance the flavor already guaranteed by the spices and the rind as well as many varieties of meat.

The Landes salad

This is a perfect blend of hot / cold. For heating, there is the famous duck breast, gizzards and / or lanyards. For cold, use apples, asparagus, tomatoes and cucumbers. A few herbs and foie gras are never too much.


Tomatoes and peppers (preferably Espelette) form the basis of this support. It usually adds onions, pepper and sometimes egg. It tasted great with Bayonne ham and / or cheese and red wine.


Put together from a minced veal or beef, this dish is raised by different spices and onions well chili.

pudding with chestnuts

The chestnuts are not an ingredient separately in a sausage-based recipe. Chopped break in, they complement a generous portion of meat to produce an excellent black pudding (sometimes white).


This is a goat cheese, AOC since 1996, which is recognized by its smooth paste. It also consumes much drier than fresh. If it tastes great alone, this cabécou can be melted over potatoes and salads, or go into the preparation of ruffled or fresh salads.

The cabbage soup Landes

This traditional peasant soup is a tasty mixture of cabbage leaves, beans, sausages, pork rind, of Bayonne ham, beans, turnips, carrots & hellip; A real treat!


This dessert is not a pie or a clafoutis but it looks pretty. Its preparation requires pippin apples, cream and milk, oil or butter, a few eggs, flour and of course sugar.


This is a small cylinder shaped cake with the soft paste is flavored with vanilla, sometimes rum. The ridged crust is generously caramelized.


The flagship of the Basque Country, this chili is found in many recipes of the South West of France (axoa, doe, dumplings, chicken & hellip;). It is sometimes marketed canned (marinated in oil olive or vinegar), in the form of jelly or paste.

Basque cake

In time, this softness was reserved for holidays. But today, the Basque cake is consumed without moderation. Traditionally it is filled with cherry or custard.


The South West is a paradise. walnut liqueurs, plum, orange & hellip; There is something for every taste. Multiple varieties are appreciated as a digestive or integrated into cocktails ranging from the softest to the explosives.

Bordeaux AOC

This wine can be proud of its worldwide reputation. Red or white, Bordeaux is offered in the local bars and restaurants but still better savored at home, with friends or family, happy hour, lunch or dinner.

Jurancon AOC

This white wine can be sweet or dry, so choose according to preference. It goes wonderfully river fish and goat cheeses such as Rocamadour. Its tasting is recommended as an aperitif, served with foie gras. It keeps between 7 and 15 years.


This water-de-vie is obtained by distilling dry white wines. It is eaten in preference to the end of the meal, in glasses cervix closed to keep the smell up when old. White Armagnac are drunk rather fresh, they are pure, elongated or served with ice cubes. It is also used in pickles, pastries and preserves. Armagnac is sometimes used to flambé desserts and traditional dishes (like the stew of pigeon).