Top 20 culinary specialties from China

Voyage en Chine

China is a country that is appreciated to visit for its many treasures but also for its very varied and very tasty cuisine. Many specialties are from this country and here are the top 20 you can enjoy during your stay, or even do it yourself.


Probably the most famous dish in China and in restaurants, Peking duck is a dish of exception with its assortment of crunchy vegetables and wheat pancake. It can be enjoyed especially in the capital, Beijing.

Pork, sweet and sour sauce

The Chinese like mixing flavors for always surprising result in mouth. The sweet and sour pork is a popular Chinese dish with pork pieces and gently caramelized sauce both tart and sweet. This dish is eaten with wok-sautéed vegetables.

Cantonese rice

The fried rice is a dish that is found in all Asian countries but which are prepared in different ways. In China, the rice comes with fried rice that are embellished with small vegetables like peas and some shrimp, plus an omelet.

The fried noodles wok

fried noodles wok often accompany meat or fish. They are very light tasting and can be embellished with a spicy or spicy depending on the tastes and desires.

The marinated beef with different spices

Red Meat fans will love this Chinese dish that comes with thin slices of beef marinated for several who in a preparation of spices like ginger, or curry, lemongrass. This dish is very popular with travelers.

The Chinese pancake

Called the Bing Jian, the Chinese crepe is a culinary preparation very old that is found in all restaurants in the country. Made with eggs and with spices, this crepe is prepared directly on a hot griddle.

The soup dumplings

The Won Ton soup is a tasty Chinese dumpling steamed and filled with a stuffing of vegetables or meat. This soup has a broth flavored with some of the spices and dried seaweed, to warm winter in particular.

Mapo ToFu

Great Chinese specialty, Mapo ToFu comes from Sichuan and a tofu preparation that one sheet of a creamy red sauce very spicy. A dish that should be savored knowingly.

The molten Sichuan

Different foods like chicken, beef, but also raw fish are cooked directly in a fragrant and spicy broth. Not to mention the herbs to make a balanced meal by adding them herbs and accompanying it with a bowl of white rice.

Dim Sum

Great Chinese specialty, the dim sum are small bites that steam is cooked with rice paste. You can stuff them with red beans, or with crunchy vegetables to taste without moderation.

The rabbit Bobun

Rabbit meat is highly valued in China and this dish is more refined. It consists of rabbit legs with vegetables like cucumber, peanuts but also to bring a sweet, mild flavor.

The shrimp with bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots are highly valued in Chinese cuisine and accompany many dishes, such as shrimp. All topped with a fragrant and spicy sauce and a bowl of plain rice.

The crab soup

Tasty soup refined and flavorful, the crab soup is made of crab meat, a herbal broth such as mint and cilantro and rice noodles for a balanced meal.

The pork satay sauce

This dish is very tasty and complete with its very tender pork tenderloin marinated in a basic satay sauce. It is usually accompanied with sautéed vegetables and sticky rice.

flan coconut

There are not many desserts in Chinese cuisine, but the flan coconut is one of the specialties. Very creamy, this blank is fresh and perfect end to a meal on a sweet, sweet note.

banana spring rolls with ginger

The spring rolls are Asian specialties widely known and that everyone appreciates. In sweet version with banana slices and a little grated ginger, they are simply irresistible for dessert.

Coconut Beads

In terms of Chinese dessert, coconut pearls are real wonders in the mouth. A basic egg white and coconut powder, they are ideal to finish a meal in style.

The nougat Chinese

Often offered in Chinese restaurants, Chinese nougat can be soft or crunchy. Based caramel and sesame seeds, it will delight the greatest gourmets.

The Chinese party cake

rice flour, dried fruit and eggs, this cake is often used at parties to delight every palate with a sweet note.


We can not finish a meal without Chinese enjoy tasty cup of fresh lychees to digest.