Top 20 culinary specialties of Alsace

France and Germany influence the Alsatian gastronomy. So the food is good, as in a French region worthy of the name and lot, as in German. Cheeses, sweets, meats & hellip; Here are the best recipes from Alsace.


These are biscuits of several kinds. They are best enjoyed at the end of the year, accompanied by mulled wine, coffee, milk. Some take them at breakfast, others consume at snack time or dessert.

& Sp auml; tzle

There is talk of pasta prepared with flour, eggs, salt and water. Similar cooking to that of Italian pasta or foil before serving, the result is equally delicious. Moreover, sp & auml; tzle use kind with meat sauce, with onions or cheese .


is drained curd, we add fresh cream, some chives and garlic, is seasoned and that's a good preparation that is rather cold. She sometimes accompanies the potatoes in their skins.

Cake red wine

It takes bitter cocoa, sugar, eggs, butter and cinnamon. The whole is mixed, is incorporated red wine and a flour-yeast mixture alternately and shoves the cake into individual ramekins or rather loaf tins. Glazing is also prepared using red wine. And the tradition is that this cake is eaten with a glass of red wine.

Sauerkraut Alsace

previously cabbage leaves cut into thin slices are fermented, so transformed. In white color sometimes pulling light yellow, the Alsatian sauerkraut is eaten cooked or raw, depending on the mood. She accompanies ham, potatoes, geese, fish & hellip;

frogs' legs

This is a meat that can be prepared in many ways. Fried with a little garlic, parsley, butter or served in soup, frog legs are just as delicious.


This is a bread pudding that takes the form of a man. Tradition binds to Saint Nicolas. Some bakers do not hesitate to include chocolate chips or a generous handful of raisins into the dough for the cake is tastier.

onion tart

It's all in the name: use onions (we did back previously in butter) to garnish the pie. It is consumed hot so hot appetizer or as a main course.

Coq au Riesling

This is the Alsatian version of the famous coq au vin. It is necessary that the main ingredients are marinated 24 hours. After seasoning, it makes them brown in butter. It is served with sp & auml; tzle or sometimes, noodles .


This softness makes himself either with leftover cake or with stale bread. It is the same system as for the pudding. The dough can be enriched with fruit, to taste. to enjoy warm preferably.


We all know these arms (or nodes) interlaced and sprinkled with coarse salt. They can be enjoyed at the cocktail hour.


These pastries on which was sprinkled a mixture of sugar, butter, bread crumbs and / or flour before cooking. Sometimes bakers and confectioners use the name for the cakes themselves.


This condiment is prepared essentially based beet alcohol vinegar. An infusion of plants, honey, water and dyes are incorporated into preparation. The Melfor stands for its beautiful red color.

Munster AOC

This cheese is produced from pasteurized or raw cow's milk. Of cylindrical shape, it has a soft dough. Munster is consumed squeegee or integrated in various gourmet recipes.

Cake with white wine

yeast, eggs and sugar are mixed until the preparation whitens. It incorporates the white wine, spices, flour, raisins and oil, whisking well until dough is smooth. The cake was stuffs. It is done when the top is golden brown. Ideally, it is served with the wine used for its preparation.

tart plum

The plums are first pitted and cut into 2 or 4 halfway, a mixture of milk, sugar and beaten egg is poured over the pie. This dessert can be eaten hot or warm, sometimes even cold.


This bun is easily recognized by its shape while height, grooved and perforated in the center. It can be topped with raisins soaked in rum, bacon, nuts & hellip; depending on whether it is desired salty or sweet cake. The sweet ring cake is usually eaten at breakfast or snack while the salty version is privileged to drink.

Alsace AOC

The alcoholic strengths vary. For example, it is 9.5% for the muscat, 10% Riesling, 11% Pinot noir, Pinot 11.5% gray. Red wine, rosé or white, it is enough to have fun.

AOC Crémant d'Alsace

This sparkling wine is usually from a pinot blanc grape. It is made in the same way as champagne but the result is both lighter and less expensive. The recommended storage is 5 years maximum.

Alsace Grand Cru AOC

This appellation includes white wine produced in more than 40 municipalities. Only seven varieties are admitted to the AOC-PDO label. They agree very well with the local cuisine but also eaten as an appetizer.