Top 20 best cocktails

The 20 best cocktails in the world for a great evening!

The holidays arrive, and with them their share of festive dishes and hearty and alcoholic beverages. To hell with wine, champagne and other drinks "classic": here is our list of the 20 best cocktails you can cook for your family and / or friends to surprise and delight the !

1. Blackjack

This cocktail takes the name of a popular card game in the casino. Its preparation is simple. For a single blackjack, simply prepare a good sweet coffee. To put in a shaker with 6cl brandy, kirsch 6cl and ice. Serve with a lemon twist.

2. Ti'punch

For this exotic cocktail and appreciated by many people, especially those followers of rum. To prepare, equip you 6cl white rum, with a slice of lime, 2 cl cane sugar syrup and a glass-like "old fashioned". Crush the lime in the bottom of your green and mix with the syrup and add the rum. Normally, this cocktail is drunk without ice but it is not forbidden to add a bit of freshness to this cocktail.

3. 42nd Street

This cocktail is prepared in a shaker and serve in a "martini glass". Tap shaker 2 cl triple sec (grand marnier, cointreau) 4cl whiskey and 1 cl martini and ice. Pour into glass and enjoy!

4. Free Cuba

This cocktail is certainly one of the most served in cocktail bars in fashion. Put ice cubes in the bottom of your glass like "tumbler". Pour 4 cl lemon juice and 6 cl Cuban rum. Then fill with 15cl coca cola or pepsi. Stir and voila!

5. Long island iced-tea

This cocktail is particularly strong, fragile livers: beware! Pour into a shaker 1.5 cl Vodka 1.5 cl white rum, 1.5 cl Cointreau or Grand Marnier, tequila and 1.5 cl 1 cl vodka, hit all these ingredients with some ice cubes. Pour into glass and add the coca cola or pepsi. Drink!

6. banana bliss

In a mixing glass, put 4 cl cognac 3 cl banana cream. And serve in a martini glass. Feel free to decorate your glasses.

7. Nicolashka

This cocktail is not one of the most popular cocktails and because it is little known and less offered on cards as many others. Yet it is very fine and tasty. You can prepare this cocktail directly in a glass. Pour into a glass of cognac 5 cl wine and drop a lemon disc on the glass. This lemon disk must be soaked in a mixture of 0.5 cl of coffee powder and 0.5 cl of sugar. Offer your guests to taste the brandy and eating lemon disk.

8. Champagne cocktail

This cocktail is ideally served for special occasions. Equip you with a champagne glass at the bottom of which is deposited a lump of sugar. Roux preference. This sugar is used to soak the 3 angostura features. Add 2 cl of cognac and finally 10 cl of chilled champagne.

9. Garibaldi

This very cool cocktail can be served in all occasions: the summer sun or winter fireside. Very easy to prepare: take you to a type of glass "tumbler" and mix in the glass 6 cl orange juice 4 cl Campari and several ice .

10. Stinger

Put ice cubes in a glass-like rocks glass. Then pour it 4 cl brandy and 2 cl white mint liqueur says "Get 31". Mix everything. Decorate the glass with a mint sprig. Your guests will love.

11. Gimlet

Serve this cocktail in a martini glass already refreshed. Pour in 8 cl gin and 2 cl lime cordial. Mix gently. Decorate your drink with a lemon peel or lemon slice in disc form and that's it.

12. Apple Jack

This cocktail is prepared in a shaker. Pour in 1 lemon juice, 4 cl calvados as well as 1 cl grenadine, hit and serve in a martini glass. Some prefer the Apple jack with 2 ounces of white pear alcohol.

13. Sex on the beach

You can find this cocktail on almost all the cards to all the bars around the world. Very few are actually successful because the recipe is rarely respected. What a pity because this cocktail is a delight and please the greatest number. Put ice cubes in a mixing glass and add 3 cl Vodka 2 cl Chambord and then fill with 2 cl melon syrup, 4 cl pineapple juice 6 cl cramberry juice. Serve your cocktail in a glass like "glass tulip". Feel free to decorate your glass with a piece of pineapple or a candied cherry.

14. Screwdriver

Pour 4 cl vodka 12 cl of orange juice in a shaker. Hit and serve. This orange vodka cocktail is ideally served in a tumbler glass.

15. Harvey Wallbanger

Fill a glass-like "tumbler" ice and add 4 cl vodka 12 cl of orange juice. Coat this mixture 1,5 cl galliano liquor. You can decorate your glass with a slice of orange or a candied cherry.

16. Gin fizz

Pour into a shaker and hit 6 cl gin, 4 cl lemon juice 2 cl cane sugar syrup with ice. Pour into a glass-like "tumbler" and add 12 cl carbonated water: Any Perrier or salvetat .

17. Bitters highball

In a glass type "tumbler", pour 2 ounces of angostura bitters over ice. Add and fill with tonic Schweppes.

18. Bloody mary

To prepare this cocktail, grab a glass mélange.Versez 4 cl vodka 12 cl of tomato juice 0.5 cl lemon juice 0.5 cl of worcestershire sauce. Add according to taste, a few drops of Tabasco, celery salt, salt and pepper. Use your mixture in a glass tumbler and add the type if you want a slice of lemon.

19. Fun at the beach

In a glass tumbler type whose bottom is covered with ice, pour vodka 2 cl 2 cl Midori then add 2 cl blackberry cream, 3 cl cranberry juice and 3 cl orange juice. < / p>

20. Absinthe Cocktail

This cocktail was formerly very fashionable and we give it to center stage. Pour into a glass mixing 5cl aniseed spirits (Ricard, pastis) 1 cl angostura bitters, 2cl orange juice and ice. Shake and pour the mixture into a martini glass.