Top 15 culinary specialties Auvergne

The Auvergne is a beautiful land and also has exceptional culinary specialties that make famous. Cold cuts through the cheese and dishes, Auvergne has nothing to envy to other regions in terms of cuisine and traditions.

Auvergne hotpot

Typical dish of Auvergne, as emphasized in its, name, Auvergne hotpot is a friendly and rich dish. It consists of various vegetables chosen according to the season and cooked with chunks of bacon, sausages and pieces of hock in a very tasty broth.


Other culinary symbol of the Auvergne, Aligot is a tasty mashed potatoes in which we add garlic, sour cream, and especially pieces of Tome. This puree is eaten when the cheese is completely melted for an intense pleasure in the mouth.


We can not go in Auvergne without tasting the famous tripe. This dish is made from veal pansette and minced lamb that is mixed with a packed stuffing flavors all wrapped in a lamb pansette. They taste is with different accompaniments and can also be served with a tomato sauce.


Auvergne specialty consists of potato slices steamed and where we add pieces of fresh tome well. the dish is ready to be tasted once the cheese is completely melted.

The salt pork with lentils

always friendly and complete dish, the salt pork with lentils is a specialty that can be found on the Auvergne tables on winter nights to warm and delight the taste buds. A tasty blend of vegetables and meat.

The stuffed cabbage

cabbage leaves stuffed with a meat stuffing and some herbs, all slow cooked in a pressure cooker, that is the secret of the famous Auvergne stuffed cabbage that always delights the most demanding.

Auvergne slice

Auvergne bread is a tasty slice of toasted bread on which is deposited a generous slice of cheese as the volume for example, and we accompany a good ham slice.


Put very old, the Pounti is an input that can be enjoyed hot or cold which is in the form of a block made of eggs, milk, wheat flour, but also chard, of prunes and bacon. Cut into thin slices, the Pounti is a treat, especially accompanied by a fresh, crisp salad.

The wine Chanturgue Rooster

Mets design of the Auvergne region, hot dish consists of a chicken thigh topped with blood sauce and wine that is accompanied by various vegetables like mushrooms, but also bacon .

The cheese soup

The Auvergne is a region known for its cheeses and cheese soup made them great honor. In this soup include onions, cabbage, meat broth or Laguiole Cantal mixed with country bread.


Can be served as a starter or main course, the Patranque is realized with good fresh tome and bread. The bread soaked in milk returned to the pan with a generous slice of cheese.

The cheeses

The Auvergne is famous for its cheeses like Tomme de Montagne, or Fourme d'Ambert, Cantal, Salers and Saint-Nectaire as Bleu d'Auvergne.

The pump apple

The Auvergne also has sweet specialties like apple pump made of puff pastry in which are cooked apple pieces for dessert very greedy.

The pie Vic

savory pie made from sugar, fresh tome and eggs, it is gently caramelized in the oven to delight the taste buds of the smallest as the greatest gourmets.


Pastry based pears, Piquenchagne is a laminated dough that can catch and custard which is left quietly brown in the oven.