Top 10 Vienna


The great Viennese classics in 10 steps:

1 .The center historic Vienna: so take it as a whole. Indeed, it focuses all the attention of visitors for its stunning architecture, which has him named World Heritage by UNESCO.

2 .L ' Vienna Opera House: is one of the emblematic monuments, impressive exterior, wait to get inside before too marvel !

3 .opera, concerts, theater in Vienna the cultural life of Vienna brand almost never break, and every night it will be possible to attend a classical music concert, an opera, a play ... < / p>

4 .The cafes Viennese: in the great tradition of Vienna face its historic caf├ęs; it flows easily a few hours, sipping a coffee or a glass of wine in a setting that has no age.

5 .The Palace Hofburg: a prestigious palace which was the residence of the Habsburgs and Austrian emperors, a must see ... in the apartments of the emperor and the museum dedicated to Sissi .

6 .The cathedral St. Stephen Vienna: mighty Gothic cathedral, it is recognized for linear motifs adorning its roof. The major religious building in the capital.

7 .The life Viennese night: Vienna is not only the hushed atmosphere of the opera, but a leading European capital on the night scene. Many bars, clubs and festivals punctuate the night.

8 .The museum Vienna: the capital includes several cultural institutions in the foreground, a number of which are clustered between the Hofburg and MuseumsQuartier. Needless to list them, there is something for everyone.

9 .L ' Vienna Philharmonic: he deserves a place in itself, since it is one of the most famous orchestras in the world ... each of his concert, the tickets snapped in no time. Remember to book!

10 .The beaches Vienna: surprise! There are indeed beaches in Vienna, they are located on the banks of the Danube, in which we offer a dip the hot days!